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Overall strengthening of the organism

Hello Mr. Stitnick. The son is after a kidney injury, which was torn in 3 places. Fortunately, she did not have to be removed. He lost 12 pounds, his eyes worsened, he needs to strengthen his overall immunity. Despite having enough vitamin fruits, a regular diet, she feels tired. Can you recommend a suitable adaptogen? Thank you very much for your answer. ZB

Dear ZB,

Your son can talk about happiness in misery. His case is for sewing adapters. Ginseng and perhaps eleuterokok can be clearly suggested. Genuine Genesis has regenerative effects , improves regeneration of active body mass, and strengthens the immune system , it is one of the best remedies at all. Eleutherococcus is less certain, but athletes often use it to increase physical performance . Eye problems will improve the quality of the scent . I would also recommend tea from dried fruits of senny tupolists. In vegetables, I would recommend increasing the share of quality tomatoes, the fruit furthermore blueberries. Nerve regeneration has a chance to improve royal jelly. I would also increase the share of quality fish meat in the diet.

Vitamins and minerals, just as you say, should be mainly derived from food. An extraordinarily good source of minerals is green cabbage. Vitamin supplements are just the last rescue for sharp diets and other special cases. In the case of your son, vitamin C is important, which is not only an antioxidant but also a cofactor in the synthesis of the ligament. I remember only four good natural sources of vitamin C: arrows, guavas and momordicum bitter and camu camu, which is an absolute record for vitamin C. On the other hand, citrus, in spite of its initial letter, is not exceptional in vitamin C content. None of them is easy to consume in our country, so for vitamin C I am forced to admit tablet consumption, preferably with a slow release of vitamin C.

It is also important for your son to start daily sports. Our ancestors were forced to regenerate after the injury in full engagement, so in the regeneration of injuries there is a paradoxical situation that the tissues under regeneration recover better than with permanent respite.

And finally, of course, a warning: I wrote the answer by heart. In what I say, I'm more or less certain, but all the possibilities of natural medicines do not go so far. Consider visiting a good herbalist or an appropriately enlightened TČM operator - they may have other useful suggestions.


| 3.11.2011

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