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Spicy Thai salad of green papaya

Follow the recipe to prepare about 800g of tasty spicy green papaya salad. It's supposed to be for 4 people, but I can confirm that eating this portion of the sitting is not beyond the reach of one individual.

For salad we need:

  • 1 bigger immature papaya (about 800g or more), in need of finely chopped cabbage or zucchini
  • 1 large tomato or a handful of miniature (to cut)
  • 4 medium-sized cooked shrimps divided into half halves.
  • 2 medium lemons or limes
  • Garlic, fresh chilli peppers or jalapeno and pepper or spices to taste
  • A cup of roasted peaches
  • Sugar, fish or oyster sauce

Preparation and other information

The preparation of this dish is typical of chilli peppers, peaches, garlic and spices in the mortar. If we use dried prawns instead of fresh shrimp, we mix them with ingredients. Instead of fresh shrimp, you can use chicken breast, or for another taste, blooming bacon. The bacon is not afraid that it is oily and contains cholesterol because the greasy taste, if not treated, will satisfy the cholecystokinin and will cause hunger. Cholesterol is no longer a medical sinner anymore. (But the shrimp is right for that salad.)

Garlic according to the taste of 2-5 cloves, chilli peppers must be estimated. For this salad to be right, it must be spicy to hot. I personally prefer less hot jalapeno peppers, which can be added more, asian peppers are too much for me. Burst the buraki well and do not save them. It is best to make some more fried peaches (like almonds) even if they are roasted. We are not afraid of the hot taste. Thermogenic capsaicin helps increase metabolism and relieves pain - it also acts directly on the pain receptors, and therefore burns. Just for the sake of interest, chicks and birds do not feel capsaicin and hot peppers are not burning.

After adding the spices, add lemon juice or lime juice, 3 tablespoons fish or oyster sauce and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix and top with medium-grained peeled green papaya and sliced tomatoes. Stir, let stand for about 10 minutes and consume.

This food can rightly be considered healthy and curative. Ingredients and spices can be varied. The really important ingredients are: Immature papaya, containing, in addition to vitamins and other positive vegetable phytochemicals, papain enzyme, ie enzyme therapy in natural form. Further, they are chili peppers, lemon juice, meat ingredient and, to a lesser extent, garlic. Enzyme therapy and chilli act against inflammation and pain , while the acidic component of the acidic citric pH slowly softens with papain, hydrolyses, and the resulting amino acids improve the taste of the salad. Burks are not necessary, but they significantly improve taste and contain healthy fatty acids. Spices can basically give us what we want, I would recommend eg fresh basil.

| 27.11.2011