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Whistling in your ear as a result of building work


I should ask you for it. About three months ago, I was grinding on the building and whistling in my ear. After a month, I went to my ear and I was instructed by Agapurin, after a week when it did not help sending me to a faculty hospital, and they put on Prednison 20 (corticoids) + B12 injections. It did not help, and the doctors tell me to make it. After internet consultants I came across ginkgo biloba, kidney tea. Now I am starting to enjoy it, but so far it is not a result. In your posts about tinnitus, I have read that the dying hair cells (neurons) may also be the cause. This was just what I was told at the faculty hospital. Can you please tell me if she could do something about it? Or what could I support for the treatment? Thank you very much for the time spent with this inquiry and for advice. Aleš.

Hello, Aleš,

It's not enough just to say you were grinding. It depends on what you have been grinding and what else you did and breathed on that building. Perhaps they were infectious droplets of one of your co-workers who were just sick.

The cause of your tinnitus ...

But we can say that either the hair cells die, which is normal in the elderly, or something unfair in your brain. Already in other replies, I explained that tinnitus is a symptom that should not be underestimated . You are right that you are seeking medicine - not against the tinnitus itself, but against its cause, which can potentially be serious. If your tinnitus does not persist, visit your doctor again to make a brain scan.

Some patients have good ginseng experience

The effect of some ginseng components is to some extent similar to that of Agapurin (pentoxyfylline) and corticoids. Similarity is not complete. For ginseng as an adaptogen it is typical that it also contains components that act oppositely . I would say that ginseng has a chance to act more gently and for longer than these medications. With a detailed scientific explanation of the causes of ginseng's effects, I will not burden you here - they will find it on the site about the mechanisms of its action . As for Ginkgo biloba , it also increases blood flow to the brain - I just do not know if it is true, I do not have a well-studied ginkgo. "Kidney Tea" is a broad concept, so I will not even tell you anything.

What to do practically

In any case, buy 150g of quality sliced ginseng and drink broth of a few slices a day, preferably together with a tomato sauce and coffee spoon of grated fresh ginger (if you do not mind the sharp taste of ginger - you get used to it). Ginger has pronounced antiviral effects . That amount of ginseng is on trial. If you do not feel relief after experiencing this dose, you will know that ginseng does not take up your problem. If you do, you do not have to regret having tried it. The chance that your ginseng will help is real and not small. If the ginseng takes place, you can start lowering the doses. Finally, you should get a dose of about 2 g of ginseng a day, which should be kept for about three months.

Because you seem to be a diligent person, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that ginseng may increase your ability to work at the time of testing. The mental energy that ginseng supplies to many people is best used by planning work that is more demanding for mental concentration but at the same time as pure enough to avoid further chemical stress on your nervous system. This can be, for example, long-delayed administrative work, pure manual work, or anything else you see fit. Avoid disturbing surroundings, watching television, taking any medication, if you have not specifically received a doctor, smoking more than one cigarette a day, drinking caffeine (coffee, black / green tea, and so on energy drinks ) In an amount of more than 1 cup in the morning, drinking alcoholic beverages in excess of one beer in the evening and do not forget to drink plenty of water and a regular 8-hour night's sleep . Do not adjust your alarm if it is not necessary - let your sleep grow to a natural awakening. Other effects of ginseng (for example, better blood circulation in the limbs , better erection , easier breathing , etc.) if you come to know yourself. The rule for drinking caffeine, alcoholic beverages and 8-hour sleep should be followed after the ginseng test period.


| 27.12.2011

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