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Ginseng at senior - insomnia, varicose veins, joint pain

I ordered 70gr. Ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang. My daughter gave it to me as a gift. I'm 71 years old, I've been running top sport. My husband died in 2010. I will describe my problems very shortly, I suffer from insomnia for a long time; I can not sleep without a sleeping powder. I'm very active because I stayed alone. Owning a big dog, a house, I regularly go to practice a gymnastics training and I have a very painful knee, still stiff, badly bending. He owns a house with a lot of stairs. I kneel up on the stairs and exercise, I have varicose veins and in addition to sports (volleyball) - cervical spine. I apologize for such a long description of my illnesses. That's why the daughter decided that the ginseng will help you. Thank you Blanka

Ladies and gentlemen,

For a more extensive description of your problems, do not complain, on the contrary, describe your health quite briefly and in the right way. Often, we get a query that is much longer than yours, but the most important, that is, the health condition, there is almost nothing.

As a former top athlete you have the advantage of being aware of the importance of proper nutrition. Ginseng is a clear choice in your case - it was a great gift from your daughter. 70g is enough to test to what extent ginseng is able to help you.

Your problems are chronic, typical for old age , so ginseng use should be moderate and longer. For the first 10 days, I would recommend you take 2-3g a day. After this time, the effects that your ginseng will have on you should start to be noticeable. Then reduce the dose to 1g a day until you are 70g. Once you've finished using it, the effects of ginseng will die for many days if you feel it.

When I take it from the end, the cervical spine and stiff joints (knees) have a ginseng chance to improve, whether it is a simple wear or an arthritic immune / autoimmune reaction . You are doing well that your bent knees bend without a load and that you are going to practice. I usually exercise my knees on the stairs, which is not perfectly ideal from a physical point of view. I always tell people with movement difficulties that they should not forget about swimming. From my heart I would like you to give your knees ginseng a little help.

Otherwise, look for false pain medications: Wobenzym practically has no effect greater than Pankreolan, COX blockers ( ibuprofen , etc., " pain pills ") turn out to be too short-term, and in the long run the problem is not solved. As for all those glucosamine something, chondroitin is something hydrolyzed by how those advertisements fly them, and their pharmacokinetics will have to be better studied before I can say anything about them. The dog is positive, it would be medium sized as a cat lover, too, I recommend a cat.

The varicose veins are somewhat larger in your age. From some patients (patients) I knew, there are good experiences with varicose veins, but it's a desperately unexplored topic, so I just have to wish good luck again.

Maybe I'm most worried about your insomnia, or rather your sleeping sleep . The shorter sleeping period is said to be normal in the elderly. I'm not quite sure of that. But you need to make it clear that the intake of so-called hypnotics is an extremely poor long-term solution to insomnia. There are basically some layers of the pharmaceutical industry who call this class of medicines hypnotics and sedatives, although they know well that either benzodiazepine or nonenzyzapine, these "sedatives" act on only one receptor - GABA A inhibitory receptor , the most abundant brain in the brain, famous as a drunken receptor. Today's hypnotics, except for melatonin, should be called "alcohol in powder". They do not treat the cause, but allow the patients to drink without having to measure the way to the taproom. This hidden form of drunkenness in the urbanized world suffers from a few percent of the population (especially women), has the same psychopathology as ordinary drinking, unreasonable euphoria, physical dependence, and withdrawal symptoms, including dreaded delirium tremens .

Keep this in mind and do not forget to read my article on adjusting the internal hours of sleep and waking and the night-light hazards . Melatonin can be used to adjust the internal clock, but it can not work after many days of regular use just in the desired desired sleeping time.

Yours sincerely, Boris

Dear Mr. Boris, thank you very much for your encouraging article. I have already ordered 4 doses, I think my stomach has completely calmed down, my headache, my excitement, my whole husband has quieted (45 years we've lived together, I'm alone in the whole house alone, and loneliness sometimes makes me sick even though I'm very active, I practice twice a week, twice a day out in the woods with a dog, work in the garden, and more to tighten up financially, sell cosmetics, I think that's enough for my age, but I do not complain, I'm actually actually taking a sleeping medicine called Rivotril About 17 pm Cypralex and sometimes when the sun is high and a lot of shine on half of the Stinlox, but it is really exceptional, it is the only thing that bothers me and I can not get rid of it Fear not to fall in. Rada to listen to your next advice I believe , Like a woman-woman. Yours sincerely, Blanka

I am very pleased that the ginseng helps you. It is wonderful for you to keep moving, still able to do something meaningful, to enjoy life. You even have the right diet. You will also be able to make many younger people today, just as you have once won in the sport. Many younger women are not able to understand the society they live in, they are still looking for opportunities that do not exist and are not able to perceive happiness. But let's go to the specific points of your letter.

GABA A agonists: clonazepam (Rivotril) and zolpidem (Stilnox)

Rivotril (clonazepam) and Stilnox (zolpidem) are exactly what I repeat all the time: powder in the powder. It acts on the same brain receptor as alcohol. As an athlete you are sure to know the basics of physiology and I do not have to explain to you what receptors and their agonists are. Daily use of these drugs has the same psychological aspects as alcoholism; their sudden withdrawal results in the same withdrawal symptoms as alcohol withdrawal in alcoholics (in severe cases up to delirium tremens ). Pharmaceutical companies do not say this in their way, because their goal is not to help. The legislators and the media, including medical journals, bribe from the bastard. Doctors are right about GABA and the agonists do not know in part, in part they are themselves the victims of these powders and advertising for them. As a result, many people are drinking pills in the evenings, and in the morning we meet them angry, grumpy and depressed at post offices, offices and road traffic. The same service of the company makes caffeine (also leads to unpredictable depressions ) and probably also antidepressants such as your Cypralex. The voice is raised only by self-confident experts, such as Radkin Honzak, in his article " Fifty Birthday of Benzodiazepines ".

Serotonin transducer: escitalopram (Cypralex)

Cypralex (escitalopram) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). This does not say ordinary people. Simplified, it can be said that escitalopram enhances serotonin transmission. This also does not tell the laymen anything. How do you say that?

It is not easy. I would have lied if I said that I know exactly what escitalopram does. This is not even known by its manufacturer, Lundbeck, who holds the patent on escitalopram. They know only that this chemical is a good serotonin uptake blocker, as well as dozens of other, unpatented chemicals discovered several decades ago. They know that for this particular they have ever since 2001 a patent and the only thing to do is aggressive marketing. Ask your doctor why he was prescribed the Cypralex and not another, cheaper SSRI variant?

It is virtually certain that neither I nor your doctor will know exactly why SSRI should be antidepressant . Everyone says it ... The list of side effects of SSRIs is long: anhedonia (nausea), nausea, headache and other nerve symptoms, suicidal thoughts and much more. You may have heard about John Virapen, a former pharmaceutical manager who admitted honestly in Sweden that he had bribed professors to obtain Eli Lilly's permission to distribute the first pill of SSRI fluoxetine (Prozac). I, together with John Virapen, ask: How is it possible that a cure for depression is having suicidal thoughts as a side effect?

Clinical studies can not be trusted, even at Medjugorje, I would have to do it manually. John Virapen once said that 80% of scholars in this area are paid or paid. Perhaps I myself might be able to start using these medications myself to write about them from my own experience. Together with Sigmund Freud, I suspect that as an educated person I will be resistant to most drug addictions as well as being resistant to alcoholism and nicotine :-). (It is a joke that Sigmund Freud himself has dropped cocaine himself and has cut off considerable professional shame before he realizes his own addiction and stops promptly with cocaine.)

I would close it so that the drug manufacturers know so much that the monoamine ( serotonin and dopamine ) system is the brain's motivation center. It is the site of both amphetamines and cocaine ... Any pharmacist here has a chance to hurt anyone, even a small fraction of the population. (This is a case of nicotine - for a small fraction of people on the brink of schizophrenia it is a cure and a great relief.) When a sufficient number of chemicals that affect the mono-mega- nium system develop, some will eventually become blockbusters. No matter if they help patients, especially to approve and sell us. Such is the mentality of certain layers of entrepreneurs.

Why stay with medicinal plants

Simply because we are accustomed to them for thousands and millions of years. Compare cocaine with leaves of its mother plants, coca ( Erythroxylon coca ). While crystalline cocaine is a deadly addictive substance, coca leaves are safe - in their natural state, their addictive potential is very low ( Dr. Duke says). In Peru, the use and sale of unprocessed reddish leaves is quite legal - they are used in herbal teas (for example, to overcome altitude sickness) and chew to fatigue .

Cocaine has been an example of a somewhat extreme, but less addictive, SSRI antidepressant known to be their natural and healthier equivalents. Lobster, Lemon, St. John's Wort, Ostropestřec, from foreign stapler, bakopa, rajdihák and many others.

Farm lessons: Each rake rakes together

Similarly to paying for the SSRI pharmacist, I have my goals. I want to understand as soon as possible that we will have to get our basic commodities, as usual, by our own forces from nature. What is packed in tempting packaging and still labeled as the latest technology is often just a scam, not just in pharmaceuticals, but also in other areas, such as automobiles . As the wise Czech economist says, it is our advantage that we already know this kind of regime in Central Europe. In Cuba and South America, for example, a so-called organoponice - self-help vegetable and grocery gardens - has been expanded some years ago. We do not suffer from a lack of space here, so we do not have to grow cabbage on balconies, terraces and deserted city car parks, but we suffer from expensive medicines, which can only be alleviated by the development of personal and self-help gardens of effective medicinal plants. The pioneer is, for example, the garden of healing plants prof. Valíčka or so called "kotvičníková farma" Ing. Štěpánka . The challenge for scientists must be to make natural medicines, the hitherto overshadowed achievements of 20th century antibiotics , allow them to take their place in medicine.

Try to grow medicinal products in the garden

Because you are gardening, I suggest that, besides cabbage, you also start to grow the aforementioned herbs (kozlík, meduňka, St. John's wort, crocodile ...) for your own use. You alone will find out which one is doing the best of you and you may be able to get rid of Cypralex. Beware, Cypralex should not be taken at the same time as St. John's Wort, although it acts on the same biochemical pathway, and their effects could multiply inadvertently. Next: A few days ago, I answered a question about a mysterious viral disease like mononucleosis . In response, I listed a long list of antiviral herbs - this may be your first tip. Many of these species grow in our country, but just when you need them, you will not find them: medical purple, beard heart, bayalis, hyssop, honey beetle, lemon balm, lemon balm, Honeysuckle, etc. When you start to grow these herbs, you may be more than able to reward your daughter for giving you ginseng. And you know what? Replace the cabbage with a rather sour cabbage. Wheat is a record of magnesium in the vegetable kingdom, it also has a lot of calcium, potassium, beneficial carotenoids, and as the only one of the plants is a notable source of ω-3 unsaturated fatty acids.

With the wish of good health,


| 21.3.2012

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