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Hypertension treated with manidipine

Good afternoon

I'm interested in the energizing and stimulating effects of ginseng, but I was in doubt about what type of ginseng is suitable for people with manidipin-treated hypertension. Could you please answer me? Thanks in advance. Jaume E. ( , translated ).

Dear Jaume,

Unfortunately, I am only able to answer you in English.

A quick answer to your question

Is that ginseng is not contraindicated in your case. You can try the best 6-year-old sliced ginseng (liang or better) from a reliable source (Korea, Taiwan). I suggest you read our page on general use of ginseng . I would point out that the use of medicinal plants for the treatment of particular illnesses requires medical supervision. And now that I have already said the most important thing, I would like to take a few more notes.

In fact, ginseng can help with hypertension

In fact, ginseng has a certain antihypertensive, in particular a stabilizing effect on blood pressure ( chen2008cpe ), especially in cases of primary (essential) hypertension. The Japanese herbal combination of ginseng, ginger and one other herb, which I do not recall now (ginseng is the main ingredient) has the ability to relieve essential hypertension in approximately 30% of patients. I have also forgotten the name of the magazine where I read this number, but if you want resources, look at the article on the antihypertensive effect of ginseng, there are plenty of resources . So, ginseng is not contraindicated in primary hypertension. The fear that ginseng's stimulation effect is linked to an increase in blood pressure is generally unjustified, and is mostly due to the fact that ginseng is knit with normal pressure-enhancing caffeine-based stimulants.


Patients with hypertension, whether they are taking ginseng or not, should be in contact with a doctor and should regularly measure the pressure. Those doctors whose university did not provide a course of medical botany can learn from the thousands of available books and scientific papers about the mechanism of action of a valued and well-studied plant that is ginseng.

The healing and stimulating potential of ginseng is also available to people with hypertension treated with conventional drugs. For more information, please see the answers to some other (mostly Czech) questioners about high blood pressure:

With the desire for good health,

| 6.4.2012

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