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Chinese Schizandra ( Schisandra chinensis (TURCZ.) Baill.)

The Chinese Schizandra (also the Chinese Klanopraška) belongs to the classical adaptogens of Russia and the Far East. Her herbs are healing, which have a strong stimulating effect.

Together with a ginseng and a stapler, the Schizander belongs to the popular adaptogens used in the TCM, which has used the schizander for at least a thousand years. Fetus schizandra was used to treat the digestive tract, breathing difficulties, overall strengthening of the body and insomnia. In Russian tradition, Schizandra (the so-called limonnik) is a well-known strengthening agent that forges hunger, fatigue and increases physical and mental vitality.

The main active substances are specific for schizander typical lignans. Research has confirmed that gloss is antioxidant, protects the liver, prevents the formation of tumors, and has certain nootropic effects. The active substances of the schizanders and their effects are already well described. More information and links can be found in the Szopa2017cks report, which I recommend to serious visitors of this plant.

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