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Concomitant use of ginseng and glans (immunity)

Hello Mr. Magistrate, if I could bother you by asking: I bought ginseng and polish, which I would especially like to strengthen my immune system (problems with toothache and joint pain, pulmonary chlamydia, autoimmunity, thyroid gland, etc.). I would like to ask whether it is better to first take one plant and then get another one, or is it better and better to take both of them at once? Do you want to divide the ginseng for the morning and shine on the evening? Thank you very much for the answer. LM


Your case is relatively serious. As usual, I will begin by only treating a doctor who has the right to decide on the treatment of serious illnesses. But try to find one that understands medical botanics - in your case, the adaptogens and herbs definitely have the potential.

It is not clear if your problems have one common cause. It would be, as you rightly argue, probably immune . However, there may be two or three emerging issues at the same time. Cases like yours are difficult to comment, but I have already sent you a doctor, so: Your teeth do not have to deal with your other problems (or vice versa, they may be the cause). Ginseng can benefit you, but beware, ginseng is not a miracle, and some bacterial infections may be undesirable . But again to be afraid, ginseng is safer than most other medicines. Start with higher doses and if the condition does not improve, ginseng should stop taking it again. It can also happen that joint pain and autoimmunity will improve, but dental infections will worsen. You need to monitor your condition and respond to what you notice. After a week or two weeks of ginseng, start with a glance , again at a slightly higher dosage. You do not have to worry about using these two adaptogens at the same time. Ginseng and shiny glossy polish interact with us in an unknown way. Sometimes their effects can be synergistic, ie they can be more than added. But they can also be totally ineffective - it depends on what health you have. Ginseng traditionally drinks around lunch, but can be taken in the morning or in the evening. It does not matter how much you schedule over the course of the day - for these adaptogens, the total weekly dose is more important than the hourly or daily dose for chronic illness . In addition, ginger, garlic, Echinacea and other medicinal plants may be interesting in your case. Therefore, I would also recommend to visit the herbalist or the TCM center.

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| 21.8.2012

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