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Where can I get Phellinus linteus?

Dear Master, I read in the British Journal of Cancer about the effects of Phellinus linteus. Because I'm treating my ca mammy, I'd like to know if you can help me get it. Sincerely, MUDr. Hana P.

Dear Mrs. Hano,

The cultivation technology has not yet been available for the Phellinus linteus furrow. Today (2011) it is offered by Asian producers in Korea and Taiwan, and maybe sometime they will get to the Czech Republic. Firebirds are different from the Polyporales anti-cancerous fungi , of which I would also recommend to you more famous Glossy Glossy Ganoderma lucidum and Coriolus versicolor , more recently Trametes versicolor . Glossy gloss is the most well-known and best-researched anti-cancerous fungus for many types of cancer. Outcome varied also has proven anti-cancer effects and is very popular in Japan. Unfortunately, the harmless variety (which also grows in our forests) in the EU is forbidden .

I would like to add to the effect of wood-destroying fungi that, according to the present knowledge, it mainly works by activating the cytotoxic response of the immune system with its proteoglycans (polysaccharides). Prof. Horák (long-time associate of deceased MUDr. Fortyna, a discoverer and propagator of so-called devitalization) also advised Ovosan and the RESAN antitumor vaccine in personal communication for cancer patients . The common denominator of all approaches based on activation of the immune system is that if your immune system is damaged by cytostatics or irradiation, the approaches that rely on it will work less. Therefore, the best time to use immune system activating drugs, such as medicinal sponges, is in the prevention phase. If you have offspring that could threaten the same tumor, they should remember it. It does not mean, however, that anti-tumor fungi are ineffective for simultaneous cytostatic treatments. I would also recommend to you ginseng with its medicinal triterpenoids ( panaxosides ). Triterpenoids are also found in shiny gloss (ganoderic acids, etc.). I wish you much luck that you will definitely need in your case.

Boris Stitnický

| 20.11.2009

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