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Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a case of venous varices (along with haemorrhoids and esophagus varices that I deal with here). Varicose veins originating in the superficial veins of the lower limbs.

The veins normally operate at zero pressure or even under vacuum, with a pressure of about 10 mm mercury basically not like. However, at our body height, purely hydrostatic at the feet in the standing was the pressure of about 100 mm of the mercury column - as in the arteries. We defend ourselves in two main ways: by avoiding an upright position (lie or sit, preferably with legs underfoot), and not staying motionless. Walking leg muscles with the help of venous valves pumps the blood from the legs back to the heart, thus preventing the increase of venous pressure. Even after a short pause, the venous pressure in the legs will automatically increase even if you use the stocking stockings. Pressure stockings help only by relieving the vein wall slightly mechanically. The least healthy is the standing in the way of the castle guards - when we have to stand, at least trembling.

According to individual dispositions, the leg veins are more or less conformed to the elevated pressure, their walls are abusive and similar to the arteries. Permanent pressure relief of 100 mm of mercury in the veins, however, in no way demonstrates, and over time, some weakened veins fail and locally spread to the extent that they stop clogging the valves. This will stop the venous pump, venous hypertension will worsen, other flaps and other veins in the neighborhood will fail, just like diodes in the series under full load and one burn. Inflammation and thrombosis observed in varicose veins is an adaptive process by which our body tries to remove the damaged part of the blood stream. However, because the cause is systemic ( high venous pressure ), new and new varices will be created until the cause is eliminated. When things go to this stage, surgery is necessary. Follow-up conservative treatment (drugs) serves to prevent further development of varicose veins.

More information about varicose veins can be found on the website of colleagues MUDr. Štefánka .

The position of ginseng in the treatment of varicose veins

The healing effect of ginseng on the heart and vessels is well known: it is primarily its preventive curative effect on heart disease , antihypertensive action, and protective and regenerative effects on the blood vessels . Recently, its effect on the inflammatory process leading to atherosclerosis has also been partially elucidated. The influence of ginseng on venous varices has not been clinically studied by anyone yet, but other venopharmacs have a problem (see Kikkawa2010ite , Ruegg1974tai ). The ginseng's effects on the varicose veins have first been brought to my attention by people who have tried it practically. Below are two of these cases.

Regarding the attitude of the TČM , ginseng right ( P. ginseng ) and ginseng notoginseng ( P. notoginseng ) are recommended as "blood-improving agents". Ginseng is a component of at least one Japanese patent for the prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, and the popular literature ( Cruz2001lvv ) also mentions it as a means of treating varicose veins .

Specific cases of varicose veins when ginseng helped

Here are two cases of patients whose condition with varicose veins was severe but stabilized after taking ginseng.

Patient A : 32 years old, employed in the past as a salesman, forced a long-term state. The varicose veins first began to form at the age of about 25 years on the calves and above the knees, the situation worsened during pregnancy. She was on two surgeries, she wore pressure tights. After the second operation began to take ginseng for a long time, the recurrence of the varicose veins had not occurred, although the socks had already stopped wearing them.

Patient B : 52 years. The varicose veins troubled her for many years, she was on several surgeries. After 6 months of ginseng's use, the disease progression was completely halted. The patient is healthy after several years (no further progression).

The preventive effect of ginseng on varicose veins and hemorrhoids was also mentioned by others who tested ginseng. Although such cases do not represent statistical evidence of efficacy, they draw attention to the need to pay attention to adaptogens in varices. I would add that adequate quality and sufficient dosing are a condition of adapogenic efficacy. Ginseng usually means using a quality 6-year-old ginseng ( I wrote on me on another page ).

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