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Can you obtain a substrate for glossy glossy cultivation - Ganoderma lucidum?

Hello! Allow me to ask you where to find a substrate for Glossy Glossy Ganoderma lucidum . On this site, I found a botanical description of this sponge, but I would also welcome information on how I can grow it. Thank you for answer.


Where to find the substratum I can not tell you about the possibilities of cultivating glossy paper here . It's not that complicated: You take an oak, beech, alder or ash tree (these trees are actually more), you'll be spraying shimmering powder and will grow up in half a year when the log is not too dry. Crops usually use sawdust, glossy leaves do not matter. So getting some shine from its own sources is not such a problem. Of course, this shiny dust can not be sterilized.

There are two main issues that await you in the production of glossy ice: Heavy Metal Contamination and Generative Genetic Degeneration. It is important to use wood from a clean, preferably high mountain area (for example, the Šumava would be ok). Mushrooms have the ability to accumulate poisonous metals, and in a clean environment they are able to accumulate a surprising amount. Mushrooms from industrial areas should, according to my professor of lower plants from the UK, should not be consumed at all. The water to moisten the block must also be completely clean.

The second problem arises over long-term cultivation. People who are trying to grow a glossy ice usually do not even know if what's on them is growing or not glossy. Lesklokora also has several different strains, which are so unrelated that they are bordered by different species. Even if you buy a high quality gluttony from a serious trade, after several generations mushrooms have a tendency to degenerate - they cough up on the production of medicinal substances, and all energy is focused on growing as quickly as possible, the formation of ferrets and spatter dust. However, for one-time cultivation, it does not bother you.


| 1.9.2010

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