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Idiopathic jaw pain

Dear Master, I am addressing you with the following request. I will try to describe my problems briefly. Thank you in advance for expressing your opinion, I really appreciate it.

Two and a half years ago, I suffered from left ear middle ear, treatment was longer, my head still has tinnitus. About half a year ago, the back teeth of the left upper jaw began to hurt - no one found, one of them was dead and then pulled out. Then the pain subsided, and in the next half-year they started in the right upper jaw, the lower left and right jaws, the back teeth. All the seals, the wise men, the discovery, and the inflammation were replaced. Again he tried (another dentist) to die the tooth, but again he was followed by extraction. Therefore, tooth decay is not a solution. The pain is changeable for two years everyday, sleeping at night. In the day, sometimes stronger, sometimes weak, for a while it also stands and moves from place to place behind the back teeth. I have a neurological examination of the magnetic resonance - the trigeminal nerve has not been confirmed, the other finding is not, the results of the blood are ok, according to the ENT it is not possible for the left ear inflammation to show such problems on both sides. No one has been able to help me yet, I do not know the cause and I am desperate. I am 32 years old and psychologically it is demanding. I have tried homeopathics, herbs, tinctures, neurological drugs, and antidepressants I do not intend to try or enjoy. Even the healer did not come to my cause, I usually got vitamins, lecithins, etc. One gentleman told me there might be a problem in the cervical spine or thyroid gland - the blood and sono samples are in the norm. I go to the massage and already to the master who unlocks the point of the spine. Thank you for your opinion, time and everything. Zdravím B.

Dear Mrs B.,

The chance that you are successful with the advice is small. I would have to be a clairvoyant to dare, at long-distance, to overcome the unsuccessful healing efforts you have undergone. That's what better candidates are in the White Carpathians. They know herbs and folk lines. The latter are still better than homeopathy because they do not cover their magical nature at least as false science, so unlike homeopathy they do not have to deal with Sisyfos (see pdf ). 48.950984 ° North latitude, 17.895546 ° East longitude, ask for Genoveva name. I do not want to reduce homeopathy, it is basically an instant version of traditional magic and we owe it to the water memory hypothesis ( Poitevin2008cmm , Teixeira2007cwp ) and the magical hypothesis of nonlocal quantum correlation ( Milgrom2008ngd ).

I do not know anything

I just have a certain knowledge of (lower) physiology and a certain knowledge of the backstage for the family, so I'm not surprised that your toothache was not of inflammation , nor the diagnostic and therapeutic confusion you've been through. Now that we have explained that my answer is not a medical diagnosis or treatment prescription, but only a laic private opinion, I can close my eyes and start guessing. First of all, I would argue that the idiopathic variable pain of the back teeth you suffer from is of a nerve origin and is probably related to a history of middle ear inflammation, although your Otorhinolaryngologist thinks the opposite. It is also suggested by your tinnitus, which, as I have already written in other answers , should not be ignored as a banal sign. Tinnitus may be a pure ear affair, but it may also indicate that there is something wrong inside the brain . And that's also all I'm sure of telling you about your pain, because what exactly is just god in the mess. (God's name is Asklepios, perhaps he would add Zdeněk Kratochvíl. )


Let's say the middle ear inflammation was bacterial. "The treatment was longer ..." = resistant bacteria? Combination with viruses? Immune problem? You may have been treated with second-line antibiotics. Amoxicillin with clavulanate? Ciprofloxacin? Eventually, the lion's share of work has also led to your own immune system . "The treatment was longer ..." = those microbes you had scattered around your middle ear, maybe even deeper. Whether they found it in the brain or not, the microglie was certainly alert. It certainly did not help the neurons. Your brain could also damage your antibiotics - this is what ciprofloxacin needs to do. It's nice that magnetic resonance has not found anything - at least you know it's no bigger tumor or abscess. (But if they did not overlook it.) In any case, problems with molecular level tomography will not be revealed. Your immune system may have entered the conscience because of the inflammation, he has begun to try and bother the neurons. And, after all, your Otorhinolaryngologist may have the truth, and the pain of the inflammation is related and unnecessary - it can be a completely independent disease process. An important consideration would be if the pain improves or worsens over time - one-off damage should be improved, the ongoing illness process will be worse. Your question is not quite clear. You have experienced middle ear inflammation 2.5 years ago, the first pain occurred after half a year, then the pain subsided, and others appeared for the next six months? We are left with 1.5 years, but you are saying that the pain is "already two years a day". It does not fit a bit. That's probably going to get worse.


The cycloxygenase inhibitors (paralen, ibuprofen, aspirin ) that you have already tried probably do not work. If they do not, do not use them unnecessarily. You have also tried "herbs, tinctures, neurological drugs" - this is a broad definition. What else do you mean by antidepressants ? Probably you were testing something serotonergic. Serotonin uptake inhibitors? GABA agonists, popular sleeping pills? Or the opiates they might have taken, like Alnagon? Codein from Alnagon slowly changes into morphine and replaces chronic pain with chronic morphinism. I know exactly what you're talking about when you say it's "not going to try or use". I am also the kind who will take pain for a year rather than go to a doctor :-). You are surely waiting for me to recommend ginseng - yes, try a quality 6-year ginseng as you try everything else. Maybe he will. Your pains are painful, but with ginseng, those miracles happen occasionally. His neuroprotective and centrally analgesic effect has already been described in part. Ginseng will also help mitigate the negative effects of long-term opiate use if you decide for them. You write that "herbs and tinctures" you tried - but herbs recommended for pain is a huge amount! Only in the Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine is herbal remedy against various pain at least fifty! Almost all kinds of diseases sooner or later cause pain. Most "anti-pain" herbs, whether Central European or foreign, actually do not block the pain itself but treat specific diseases. In your case, the pain seems to be nervous and also central, so none of these specific herbs will help you.

And shot from the side - herbs against migraine

The closest targets are migraine herbs. I know there is not a thing about right migraine , but I can not make any better recommendations. Your idiopathic jaw pain is not in the list of illnesses and it is difficult for her to do such a search as I did for gastro-oesophageal reflux . Using her intuition from the Medline database statement unmistakably (For non-humorous readers: I hate.) I select Hibino2008gtj for traditional herbal remedies for migraine. The publication comes from honest Japanese (Japanese herbal medicine Kampo is a TCP detachment), and let's see, both of the herbal mixtures described on migraine contain ginseng. The 2-part ginseng ( Ziziphus zizyphus , 4 parts) , ginger (1.5 parts) and Tetradium ruticarpum (3 parts) are the simplest mixture . Ginger to buy a young, shred to thin slices or threads, Tetradium do not know where to get. The mixture is prepared as a broth (about ½ hours) in sufficient water. The second, more complex Japanese blend (so-called "čotosan" or "kotosan") contains ginseng (2 parts) and ginger (1 part), but also many other drugs: Uncaria rhynchophylla (3 parts) (3 parts), Pinnacle ternata (3 parts), Ophiopogon japonicus (3 parts) , Coconut ( Poria cocos , more recently Wolfiporia extensa , 3 parts), Saposhnikovia divarcata (2 parts) , Chrysanthemum morifolium (2 parts), and Chinese licorice ( Glycyrrhiza uralensis , 1 part). In a Japanese magazine I forgot to name, it is reported that the success rate of this combination is 80% in headaches , 60% in sleep disorders and 35% in primary hypertension .

Practical options

If you would like to try these mixes practically, you may have trouble compiling them. The Chinese licorice may be replaced by our licorice lice ( Glycyrrhiza glabra ), the mandarin fetus bark would be replaced by any chemically untreated citrus bark. But even with a perfectly prepared mixture according to the prescription, the result in your case would not be guaranteed. Try first the ginseng, 5g a day in the form of a broth, 3 fruits of the cyclic and 3g of the finely chopped or grated ginger. Pour into ¾ liter of water, cook about 30 minutes, drink warm for 20 days. The long-term vascular and tissue effects of ginseng have to wait for months, but in your case, it should be clear within 20 days if the ginseng mixture has or does not have the chance to alleviate your pain. In addition, I would try your royal jelly in your case - only if your pain was caused by the death of regenerable neurons. The mother-of-pearl has recently attributed a strong effect on regeneration of CNS neurons.


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