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Do I cook by cooking all the ginseng active ingredients, or do I leave something in the sliced slices?

Hello, I have a question about using a 6-year ginseng. Do I exclude from it all the active ingredients, or do they remain in the sliced slices? I'm sorry to throw him off so I tried to eat him with self-denial. Does that make sense or stupid? I drink it the third day, I feel fine, but the time is too short for the rating I will send. FROM.

Dear Mr. Z,

I have already answered a question similar to yours here: use of ginseng residue after leaching to tincture .

Remnants of ginseng after leavening for tea are similar to cake after tincture. The main one, panaxosides and most active substances , passes into the solution. You will not make any mistake when you throw out the sliced slices. I myself are occasionally it, but it is definitely not to offer guests. If you are not in the mood, do not show them a ginseng taste experience.

By sniffing the cake you will get only a few unpaved panaxosides, some fiber, and some proteoglycans that are only interesting in the crutches. Proteoglycans are predominantly released up to the action of digestive juices. Ginseng proteoglycans (incorrectly "polysaccharides") are the main ingredient of established flu and cold products , but it is not clear whether their attractiveness to manufacturers is due to their greater effectiveness or low cost of crunching.

Finally, if you write to me your experience with ginseng , I will be very happy.


| 21.12.2010

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