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Question about eleutherococcus


I found Siberian ginseng on the web (1kg / 350Kč).


Can you tell me if the price matches the quality, or is it "auspicious"? If I bought it, can I mix it with a ginseng, for example, to prepare tea? And one more question, I have a steady supply of 53% plum brandy for less money than medical alcohol, can I use plum instead of alcohol to make tincture? And how is it with mixing with 6 years or alternate use?

Thanks for the answers. Alda.

Thank you for your information, Aldo.

The product photos of this eleuterokok gentlemen from the Salvia Paradise at a glance downloaded somewhere from the web. It has a poor resolution and even the Chinese characters "c 'útia" in the bottom right (so the Chinese call eleuterokoku). Despite the poor quality of the photo, it seems to be a peeled wood material originating from small twigs (or roots) of a woody shrub, which is eleuterokok (completely incorrectly called as Siberian ginseng ) is - eleuterokokové pinch. Otherwise you are the second to ask about this eleuterokok (according to the photo). Another reader - Martin - sent me his own photos with Soxhlet's extractor already filled .

All of the woody eleutherococcus drug we found here in Taiwan for use in the treatment of TCP came from the much thicker parts of the plant and looked completely different. Its price level will probably not be able to compete. That is not to say that small diameter material would be bad. Although MSP prefers bigger and better looking parts of plants, I think the material on your picture can be OK, if it is clean and has no other problem.

As for mixing or alternating ginseng use, I do not know of any report that suggests that ginseng and eleuterokoke interact together . According to my current state of knowledge, they can freely mix and their effects are more or less independent of each other ...

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| 17.1.2011

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