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Therapeutic and preventive dosing of gloss


Please, how long should preventive use of glossy glossy in the year be? How do you use, for example, a ground mist of TaiwanTCM glossy corkscrew and a TaiwanTCM FORTE shiny powder concentrate ?

Thank you in advance for your answer. John


The anti-cancer effects of glossy gloss are also available at relatively low doses. However, it is not only glossary, because glossary has a limiting effect due to its specific triterpenes on other civilization diseases.

Therapeutic dosing

The FORTE Powder Concentrate you are asking for is primarily for patients and convalescents with cancer and at risk (environmental pollution, cancer in a close family). For these people, the manufacturer recommends a dose of 1.5g (3 capsules) of glossy shine FORTE 3 times a day. At this dose, glossary is highly effective, and further increases in this dose would no longer yield a proportionate benefit. For oncological patients and convalescents, dosing should be continued without interruption and to prevent relapse, but the dose may be gradually reduced.

Preventive dosing

The therapeutic dosage of glossy shine FORTE 1.5g 3 times a day would, of course, also be suitable for prevention - glossy ice as an adaptogen has no side effects. For long-term preventive use, however, it is also convenient to use a common powdered glans, which offers effective prevention at a relatively low cost.

Preventive use of shiny gloss (whether concentrate or plain dried fruit) should be somewhat regular in a certain way. It may not be everyday, but if we decide to use it preventively, then we should mainly keep it at home permanently. So it's not a question of "how long in the year", just like not forgetting it completely. Even a small dose of 0.5g (1 capsule) a day of powdered glans is important for immune system activation and cancer prevention. When dosing 1 capsule a day, 2 packs per year are sufficient.

Doses somewhat higher (up to 1.5g 3 times a day) will positively affect other civilization illnesses. For long-term preventive use, we should also become accustomed to the taste of natural powder of gloss (normally enclosed in capsules). Its taste is bitter, like about beer or coffee, but it is not unpleasant. It can be drunk dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water or in beverages, so it is better absorbed.


| 27.3.2011

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