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Is it possible to use glossy shine during pregnancy and lactation?


I would like to know if it is possible to use glossy shine while pregnant and breastfeeding. I have a 7-month-old baby who is already part of a child's diet, but I still do 4 times a day. Glamor I want to use to support the immune system, because I have been very exhausted lately. Thank you for answer. Petra

Hello, Petro!

A short answer to your question is:

Regular use of glossy nipple during breastfeeding is absolutely no problem.

Here are some other related information and considerations:

I have already addressed a similar question for ginseng

I have already addressed the use for breastfeeding for ginseng . After carefully studying the available literature, the answer to the ginseng was quite positive. It can then be said that glossary ginseng is pharmacologically similar in some respects, but it is much less questionable than ginseng about pregnancy and lactation.

Why the question mark over ginseng about the use during pregnancy and lactation was a question mark

Simply put, because it contains effective triterpenoids ( panaxosdids ) that pass through the placental barrier into breast milk. Purely theoretically, panaxosides, although completely harmless in adults, could negatively affect embryogenesis without the TCP physicians seeing them over the millennium. Practically, it is not, and even even, the ginseng child seems to be thriving (scientific references can be found in the question).

Why is there a smaller question mark above the glossy eye than the ginseng

Simply put, for three reasons:

  • Lesklokorka quantitatively contains less triterpenoids than ginseng
  • In addition, it is usually consumed in a smaller amount than ginseng
  • The hormonal modulation effect is not as pronounced as in ginseng

While for mature, high-quality, dry red ginseng , the total panaxoside content is about 20%, with glossy glossy glossy glossy, the content of triterpenoids (so-called ganoderic acids) is below 1%. Glossy, moreover, is usually consumed in small quantities - its solid, woody consistency or great consumption. Ganoderic acids are not the most important effective anticancer agent, but are specific "polysaccharides", in particular proteoglycans that do not pass through the placenta or breast milk.

Otherwise, the answer also depends on who you are asking ...

Manufacturers of regular drugs quickly note that it is better to avoid herbs in pregnancy and lactation because they are not sufficiently researched. And to a certain extent, they are right. It is only a pity that this great advice was not able to give those mothers who once used their thalidomide, blocking the growth of the fetal limbs.

Herbs will tell you in particular that they can eat as much as you want in pregnancy and breastfeeding. They too are right. Practice shows that glossary is safe for mothers.

The least confident answer is given to you by scientific articles. There are only two publications dealing marginally with the use of glossary in mothers ( Cheng2007gsm and Zhang2006pgl ). In both cases, these are attempts to treat gingivitis in pregnant rats in order to produce positive effects in the offspring. As a matter of fact, the question of glossary safety in pregnancy and lactation itself has not yet officially addressed science. But there is no reason to worry, and it is more likely that glossy ice will also work here positively.



| 12.6.2011

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