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HER2 + breast cancer: Medicinal fungi and ginseng

Dear Mr. Mgr. Stitch. I am turning to you on the basis of the information my colleague has provided me for a long time ... But now I am moving to the point. For my wife, who introduced the onco-therapeutic modalities "fighting" with the type of illness mentioned, I started to pack one of TaiwanTCM Liang ginseng. I hope that this could contribute positively to suppress the symptoms of the underlying oncological disease itself, also to eliminate the undesirable effects of treatment = surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, after 4 years of repeated / other chemotherapy, this time with more significant side effects. I also learned about the possible beneficial effects of extracts from the Trametes versicolor mushroom. I would therefore urgently ask you for information on the effects mentioned and how this medicine is used. To write an article about Trametes versicolor on your website I have been in vain for a long time. If I can ask, I would welcome your early answer because, due to the very nature of the illness, the situation is potentially seen to be quite terrible, but I still believe / hope for a positive reversal during ongoing onco-treatment. For your understanding and the short answer I thank you in advance and I remain with your greetings MUDr. Martin M. (Slovakia)

HER2 + breast cancer :

Hello, Mr. Martin.

I am happy that I finally get to your letter, I would first like to express my great pleasure in having an opportunity to communicate with your doctor. I myself have chosen neurobiology as a specialty, and if I had obeyed my mother who wanted me to study medicine , I would have tended to be neurosurgery. Communicating with an expert like you I appreciate mainly because I do not have to explain to you a thousand things about tumors and their progression, immunity, pharmaceutical practices, etc. Instead, you could certainly explain a lot to me, but I can not tell you at this point burden.

So in medias res ...

Genuine woman in cancer treatment

As a biologist, I can confirm 100% of the ginseng that there is no way what would be " alternative " in the sense of non lege artis. Ginseng is the most powerful means of regenerating the immune system after irradiation or similar damage (poisons, cytostatics) that contemporary science possesses. Although this is not highlighted today, the Japanese Immunologist and Radiation Specialist Morio Yonezawa stated it in the 1980s about ginseng. His profile can be found in the Japanese ReaD database, citing in this context his publication Yonezawa1976rri , Yonezawa1981rri , Yonezawa1985rri . And since then, no new SciFi tablets have been detected against radioactivity. A larger number of references can be found in the article " The Effect of Ginseng on Radiation Burdens ", which I am finalizing.

As for the direct anticancer effects of ginseng, the research situation is a little more complicated. As you know, cancer research is extremely popular because our entire western Scientometry system (which, unfortunately, blindly adopts in the East) is set to neglect minority themes and make popular themes even more popular. The smallest Impakt Factors have the science that is the most difficult - mathematics. So, a lot of publications about the effects of ginseng against cancer have, I think, about a third or a quarter of their real justification, and the rest were recovered from an emergency - someone quickly needed publication in a magazine with a high Impakt factor, previously published something about ginseng and so he reached After a combination of ginseng and cancer. Summarized sum, ginseng for some oncological indications will probably be directly beneficial, but compared to its other effects, this indication is relatively unreliable.

Ganoderma lucidum and Trametes versicolor in the treatment of cancer:

With tumors, it's always a roulette, but after memory, I know that glossy skin improves the prognosis of a variety of oncological diagnoses in a fairly good way. Lesklokorka has a royal reputation in the Czech Republic (the immortal sponge, etc.), which is even better than the ginseng's reputation. This good reputation is also a guide for us: Today it is known that TCM was not (and is not) in principle unscientific, it only puts much more emphasis on generational knowledge transfer in unchanged form, and uses somewhat different Latin (Taoist terminology) for internal writing. Unfortunately, our colleague who dealt with the mechanisms of the effect of the glossy mirror took the time off for an indefinite period, so the whole topic is now waiting for me. There are more than 700 publications on the glossy textbook in Medlajn, the abstracts of which can be read by all, and some are publicly accessible and their full text.

As far as the Trametes versicolor is concerned , you might want to use the older synonym Coriolus versicolor if you check what is published about it. In the research of this fungus, it has been an interesting phenomenon that the name Trametes uses mostly biological publications about the life and ecology of this fungus, while the research of their curative effects is the oldest name Coriolus. There are currently 262 publications on Medlajn, from which the anticancer effects of this fungus would not seem to be a superstition. As with the gloss, the details of Trametes, respectively. The colorful outcrops, as the Czech mycologists christened us on this sponge, I have not yet. Otherwise, the miraculous stories of cancer cure at Trametes are not an emergency. But if we do not pay too much attention to these individual cases, for me, for example, it is a significant fact that Trametes is very popular in Japan's anti-cancer indications.

Under the influence of your letter, I will try to maximize the revision of Ganoderma and Trametes texts in order to give the readers at least the basic idea I am now trying to disconnect from you. If I fail in time, it will soon be possible to read about the effects of these mushrooms in the latest book Mushrooms and their curative effects from living legends of tropical botany, prof. Pavel Valíček.


In the case of cancer treatment, it is necessary to use the gloss and the outcomer in the appropriate amount. This type of natural medicine is often adjusted to Powder Concentrate (Forte) in which 1 gram of powder contains extracted active substances corresponding to several grams of ground sponge. As a powdered excipient is used mostly a mature mature adult fetus of a given type of fungus. The concentrate allows the use of larger doses and more reliable absorption of the active substances. In the forefront of research and processing of medicinal mushrooms, East Asian countries and especially Taiwan , where the sequencing and annotation of glossy gloss genomes has been completed.


In conclusion, I will not forgive the remark that today the availability of harmless, and yet effective, natural remedies threatens the most: Building bureaucratic barriers that stretch across the world from the EU through the WTO.

In particular, the Trametes versicolor, according to the new EU directives, automatically became a novel food category, ie its sale is forbidden if someone is not willing to embark on a bureaucratic process of obtaining special permits Of the EU institutions. This makes it practically impossible in the near future to legally sell this fungus in the EU in the food category . Sales of this sponge in the category of drugs in practice prevent high fixed fees and drug registration procedures, for herbs completely inappropriate.

The institutionalization of natural resources, prohibitions on specific herbs, the prohibition of anything to mark the "novel food" label (despite thousands of years of experience!), The prohibition of the disclosure of information on the healing of medicinal plants, etc., are presented under the sketch of improving and evaluating phytotherapy. Their goal is far too obvious: to restrict the freedom of doctors and laymen to decide on the therapy and to transfer it to the state authorities acting on the order of pharmaceutical cartels. This process will have a very bad impact on the health of Europeans and the economy of Europe. About this current topic more on



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| 13.6.2011

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