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Comment on ginseng products

Ginseng capsules and tablets in the recent past

Several years ago, ginseng tablets, capsules, teas, etc. were almost useless, practically nothing was in them ( Liberti1978ecg ). For example, when measuring the 7 dominant panaxosides (Rb1, Rb2, Rc , Rd , Rf , Rf and Rg1), the three panaxoside contents of 3.7% ( Ji2001qdg ) were among the three different capsule types from different manufacturers and, for two measured liquid preparations Both contents below 1%. For comparison, quality Korean red ginseng contains 20-24% of total panaxosides ( Kim2007sqg ) and high quality mangus ginseng according to Chinese research ( Wu2007csg ) for Korea is not lagging behind.

Ginseng capsules and tablets at present

Today the situation with ginseng supplements has improved substantially ( Harkey2001vcg ), but the problem is still small. The capsule is small, usually contains 300-500mg of material, the tablets are similar. Due to unreasonable legal restrictions, the manufacturer does not have the right to tell the user to use the adapter packed in capsule or tablet form in appropriate quantities. If you decide for the adaptogens in a pharmaceutical form, make sure they are dosed sufficiently , otherwise they will only unnecessarily doubt the effectiveness of ginseng .

Important Note: Specifically for ginseng in the form of a nutritional supplement, in the Czech Republic (Brussels Regulation, how differently) is currently the maximum recommended dose of 2g a day, which is an unnecessary, nonsensically low limitation. Ginseng is safe and can be consumed in dietary quantities. Compared with the undesirable effects of conventional drugs, the adverse effects of adaptogens are not at all behind the discussion . If you decide for adaptogens, you must take them at the appropriate doses, otherwise some of the effects will not occur at all. Analogously, many other medicinal plants are affected by legislation.

Spices, beverages, candy, etc.

As for snacks, energy drinks, "ginseng" sweets, etc., the concentration of ginseng and other adaptogenes in them is scarcely low ( Scholey2004cpe ). The exception is so-called "ginseng in honey", which is real in the honeysuckle of young root sold as a candy, but there is also the fact that goulash is not the best meat. For most ginseng snacks, let's remember that the label is "just like," as well as marshmallow is still called marshmallow (although it is not a grocery store) and is made only from starch and Sugar.

| 1.10.2008