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Milling of plant materials

... How can I, and if possible smother ginseng powder? ... Ivana, Prague

The verbal question of whether a ginseng can be grunted is a clear answer - yes. Fresh root ginseng is not unlike most of the other Aralkovite woody and can be ground entirely like carrots. The same applies to any ginseng in a wet condition.

But you rather ask for powdered dried red ginseng . This already requires some practice. It is best to powder red ginseng, which is dry and hard. Such a ginseng can be hand-painted in a mortar with some effort. From the grinders I would recommend a coffee grinder with rotating knives if you know what I'm talking about.

There are also other grinders (shearing, spherical ...), but you do not have them at home. Anyway, no matter what grinder you are using, you have to experiment with it a little bit. At higher temperatures, ginseng red ginseng becomes sticky and there is a risk of clogging. Vegetable drug powder generally does not have a universal solution - every drug behaves differently. Herbal powders are easily leavened and consumed, but they are easier to spoil, lose smell, oxidize and absorb air humidity. As with coffee, herbs are better to powder just before use.


| 3.11.2008

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