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Ginseng to increase fertility?

... Ginseng recommended me the healer (Chinese medicine), respectively. Recommended her husband to increase fertility. I wonder what you have as an expert about ginseng ampoules that are sold in a pharmacy. Is the "power" of ginseng similar or is it better to choose the sliced root - for tea? Well, we'll probably combine it. My husband still has Chinese medicine to supplement zinc and calcium, I add iron (and other importance) and I believe we will get the desired baby :) ... Michael from Brno

Ladies and gentlemen, Michaelo, I have to say thank you to the expert who I am not - I would have to be an expert on too many things. I'm at best a generalist. The information I am giving is not intended for self-healing. Diagnosis and therapy must be determined by a physician who knows the ideal situation in herbal pharmacology as perfectly as in industrial medicine. Doctors with knowledge of medicinal plants and TCM do exist, try to find it. So to come up with your own answers, you first ask for ginseng and increase fertility.

Increasing libido, potency and fertility is a traditional indication of ginseng

Ginseng increases potency through at least two independent mechanisms of action . Its content increases the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and thus affects the same biochemical cascade as sildenafil (= Viagra) - reduces blood pressure and improves erection . Its content also acts on several types of brain receptors , for example by improving libido. To improve sexual function, ginseng is recommended mainly to men, but is also part of a combination made by world-renowned American ethnobotanik Dr. Duke to improve female sexual disposition . A more serious problem than potency is fertility. By increasing the libido and volume of the ginseng ejaculate, it definitely contributes to fertility , but it is not omnipotent. If a spouse has little vital sperm, a miracle can not be expected. The problem may also be on your side. Inflammation, endometriosis, or even anti-sperm antibodies, in a bit of effort, will be revealed by a female doctor you've certainly visited. The gynecologist also tells you the optimal days for fertilization. The physiology of sexual intercourse is also important for successful fertilization.

For the fertility, the two-sided orgasm is important

Sperm have a flagella, but long-distance swimming does not show them - a strong two-sided orgasm is what helps them overcome the distance to the egg. It is important for a sex partner to be a person who is attractive and exciting. Only when the man is horny releases his testicles and supporting glands a sufficient amount of spermatozoids and seminal fluid that neutralizes acid pH of the vagina and breaks down the non-specific immunity of the genital tract. Sufficient volume is also a prerequisite for a successful sowing of the semen in the antiperspirant stasis accompanying female orgasm, which should follow shortly after male ejaculation. The woman must also be horny to her partner - just so that her organs bloody well and dissolve the mucus plug that normally clogs the uterine cervix. Successful fertilization of your egg is not enough for one sperm because the egg does not accept it alone. There are hundreds of them to arrive - so volumes, timing, and the orgasm power of both partners are important.

Can Sexual Excitement Be Improved?

Intense hypergeneration can be difficult to achieve in marriage because the long-term partner is well-inscribed in the brain of the brain (hippocampus), whose output pathway does not sufficiently stimulate the loneliness dependent dopamine leakage of the neurons of the tegmental region of the middle brain . Therefore, it is better to maintain a certain mystery in the relationship, which keeps the partner feeling new and interesting. This answer would be too long if I also described substances that act on the dopamine system in the brain (and thus improve sexual experience), which are not only harmful drugs like ecstasy and pervitin , but also some adaptogens. In addition, I do not even understand dopamine pharmacology: Adaptogens such as Rhodiola rosea and ginseng act on dopamine opposite to addictive drugs (as I know from literature), but they improve sex (as I know from practice) ...

What about female excitement? I know something about literature, but I do not have practical experience. Even if subjects agree to an experiment, it is difficult to evaluate the results. These experiments have not been done on animals yet. I can just go back to Dr. Duke and his combination of support for women's lust: Angelica sinensis - dong quai , Mexican plant Turnera diffusa , Epimedium grandiflorum - jin-jang-huo , Trigonella foenum-graecum, And ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) . Ginger is best used young and fresh. The fescue is official in our country ( Trigonellae foenugraeci seeds ), calendula and decay are herbs TČM . (He is actually the official ginseng as a ginseng radix album , which the Czech pharmacopoeia simply calls ginseng radix .)

The importance of solid pharmaceutical forms in the herbalist and the TČM

To the second part of your query: Ginseng ampules and capsules opposite the root. I would start by taking forms such as dragees, capsules, ampoules, tinctures, etc., to represent a higher degree of processing of natural material. Drug-treated medicinal plants allow for more accurate dosing or sometimes better content protection. The pharmaceutical form facilitates storage and use and gives the possibility to mask any inappropriate aroma or taste of the drug.

But: A higher level of processing and masking of taste and smell is not always better. Sometimes the difference is the same as between fresh strawberries and strawberries at any higher stage of processing, or between the "garlic" capsule and the toast with butter and the freshly peeled cloves of real garlic. A higher degree of grinding also makes identification of original materials more difficult and facilitates tampering. The doctors go to a Chinese doctor's office in their entire, undisturbed state, and when they are only powdery, they mix according to individual recipes for each patient separately and pack themselves on the packing machine into ampoules or sachets directly in front of the patient's eyes. Therefore, also in countries such as Taiwan, where the CTU offices are as popular as MUDr. Medicine, there is no dichotomy for / against ampoules - patients are seeing how their ampoules are made from raw materials and trust only the doctors they choose.

Red ginseng is itself a form of medicine

If we concentrate specifically on solid ginseng forms, the red ginseng ( ginseng radix rubra ) does not show too much premature powdering. Red ginseng, in a dry, glassy, hard and oxidation and pest-resistant state, can actually be considered as a form of medicine, far more durable and more concentrated than dry ginseng (or white ginseng radix album ). You can still see how the root was large and how many rings it had . According to the refraction, smell and taste, we can even roughly estimate the saponin content (which is up to 20% dry weight for high quality drugs).

Hot ginseng capsules have their advantages and disadvantages

Ginseng capsules / dragees have their justification, for example, when we do not want ginseng to cook or chew, or when it is part of a herbal powder mix for a particular use. Disadvantages include the difficulty of assessing the quality of the content. Another problem is that capsule / tablet sizes are small, while ginseng and other herbs are typically consumed in gram quantities. Increasing libido would require daily intake of dozens of ginseng ampules or tablets. This problem is generally solved in the TČM by putting the powdered herbal mixture into a rather large bag, which is a single dose, and is heated with warm water after opening.

"Ginseng" snacks and drinks are generally ineffective

In contrast to honest ginseng, there are dozens of ineffective "ginseng" snacks, sweets, drinks ... Do not let them dissuade them from the actual ginseng .


What to say at the end? Perhaps only the zinc, calcium and iron are (in the opinion of my former head of the Department of Physiology of the UK) well represented in the not too expensive diet and for them it is better to get them from normal foods Cheeses) than from the tablets. And there's something else - if the baby is loud, there's no need to keep an eye on whether your beliefs permit or prevents artificial fertilization.


| 5.11.2008

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