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Comparison of ginseng and Wobenzyma

Hello, for more than 30 years, I have been professionally involved in health rehabilitation, now also as a co-owner of a rehabilitation facility. We have been offering ginseng as a supportive remedy for rehab. Depending on what you write about ginseng about inflammation , immunity and convalescence, it is quite similar to wobenzyma. I wanted to ask if ginseng and wobenzym can be used at the same time and what is their comparison. Thank you. Jana P.

Hello, Mrs. Jano.

  1. There is no problem with the simultaneous use of ginseng and Wobenzy.
  2. Ginseng is, in my opinion, a bit more effective than Wobenzym, both ginseng and American counterpart - American ginseng - and other effective Panax genes such as ginseng notoginseng .

Both ginseng and Wobenzym are harmless and have no side effects. Gensen and Wobenzym have no point in treating them as Paracelsus medicines because they practically do not have a toxic dose. From a chemical point of view, they are completely unrelated - Wobenzym is a patent mixture of proteases, while ginseng is the most important of its triterpenoid saponins - panaxosides . Wobenzym and ginseng act on completely different sections of biochemical pathways: Wobenzym cleaves peptide bonds in extracellular space, while ginseng panaxosides act primarily on receptors inside cells. It is therefore possible to combine them unlimitedly.

| 6.9.2011

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