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Cellulite / cellulite and therapeutic preparations against it

Those who think that they might find some miraculous way to improve the look of their skin here , I apologize beforehand : I do not know such a way. Worse, I do not think I would think that such a miraculous medicine, a massage preparation, a wedging, etc. Nor does it exist. The truth is tough. I'm afraid once again. People at risk of cellulite will have to move more and stop becoming fat. With residual, non-removable cellulite, they will have to accept. This reflection actually provoked me to advertise what Adonia Legtone Serum is saying, which has been visible for some time on all the advertising columns of the Czech Internet. But Adonia Legtone is not here, it was just an inspiration.

Cellulite in the cosmetic meaning of the word

I have my opinion on cellulite. But first, I would clarify the terminology. When I talk about cellulite, I mean what is commonly called cellulite, ie the uneven surface of the skin, occurring as a cosmetic defect in thighs and other parts of the body, mainly in women. (Perhaps I heard "orange skin" or something like that). Doctors with the suffix-ida / itis are associated with inflammation and "orange skin" tends to call cellulite, while the word "cellulite" is reserved for some inflammation of the skin. This article is not about inflammation, the word cellulite I use incomprehensibly, in a professional meaning "cellulite". There are no scientific publications and no longer publications about cellulite as a cosmetic flaw. Therefore, with permission, I skip my studies and start by interpreting my own inexpensive insights.

Some people can afford the thickness

Some people can get fat while maintaining good skin, they have the genes. For example, Hakuhó's hockey thigh (pictured by Tojonoshima) is perfectly smooth, just like his belly.


Sumo wrestlers who, according to all medical standards, fall into a morbidly obese category are actually the healthiest of all fat people, because they are constantly sporting overeating. Their skins reflect it. And that's how the sumo wrestlers are very muscular, and how we can see them on the tomographic images of their body, their fat is stored mainly under the skin, not inside the abdomen. In general, the European male population can grow healthy and healthy, as can be seen, for example, by the view of the President of the Czech Sumo Jaroslav Poříze ( pictured on the right ). On the other hand, his wife, Lucie Excellent , knows that she can not afford to lose weight because it could end up ugly for her . (Still a note - Sumo wrestlers are not an example for ordinary people, but the best ones are well paid for their performance, but their joints are basically destroyed at age 40.)

Cellulite arises when fat people do not have fat

Macaw women can not be nice. The famous ruined pastor, who said, "That's my whole life," he knew for sure what he was talking about. Generally, however, women have a bigger problem to be nice with a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. They must have a nice face, smooth skin, fat evenly distributed, be fit ... It's not definitely about getting fat from the lack of movement and the unhealthy lifestyle. Many women do not have the ability to get fatten at all. They tend to grow unevenly, for example on the buttocks and thighs. And just the rapid growth of adipose tissue in these areas is the cause of my cellulite. "Orange skin" is nothing more than a manifestation of non-matching of the binder to excessive thickening. It is an objective fact that a fat lacquer causes injuries in the subcutaneous tissue. On the surface, we can see it as so-called pregnancy cracks (silver) - the silver-marbled traces of the horizontal tear of the subcutaneous tissue healed by the scar. They are not directly related to pregnancy - they appear in any sudden thickening. It can be assumed that the pressure of adipose tissue causes injuries even inside the ligament in a non-horizontal direction. In my opinion, such internal cracks and scarring are the cause of uneven tension in collagen and, therefore, the uneven appearance of the skin. Remaining, unplanned collagen bundles are getting worse.

Larger thicknesses and cellulite play the lymph vessels

The system that we like to ignore as uninteresting performs several functions. The original is to drain the leakage from the tissue. Leakage due to blood pressure in the arteries is relatively small, but due to the huge capillary surface it would soon lead to swelling in the tissue. This prevents the drainage system of the lymph capillaries and the blood vessels that leak the seep. However, in morbidly obese, swelling is common. Surely you've heard about 450 or 550kg recorders - these people have swellings weighing 100kg as well, because weight and fat pressure causes strangulation of the lymph vessels. With uncontrolled fat loss, there is a breakpoint where the lymphatic drainage will collapse, the obese patient will start to spin, lose the ability to move and continue to be fat in bed. For cellulite we fight with much smaller weight but the strangulation of the lymphatic vessels by the uneven stretch of collagen can play its part. Therefore, just a massage has a chance to bring a moderate relief (cellulite) to cellulite for a short time. But let's not forget that the primary problem of excess fat tissue does not solve the massage.

Cellulite treatment: mainly to lose weight

Cellulite means we have crossed the limit to which our somatic type allows to grow fat. For many women, this limit is very low, and if you exceed it, it is enough to gain a few kilograms. Whether it is 5 or 25kg, the first step in the remedy (if I do not want to say in the treatment) cellulite is only one: to return your weight again below that limit . When we remove the fatty tissue pressure from within, the miraculous and distorted appearance of the skin disappears. Loss below a specified limit is a difficult and long-term task, which, according to statistics, most people can not manage. However, the slimming of the fat layer is a necessary condition for the removal of cellulite.

Removing the curved surface of the skin after weight loss will not occur immediately. The reduction in fat is accompanied by temporary leakage of the subcutaneous tissue. This is not a permanent problem. Binding tissue is subject to constant reconstruction and reduced body volume, even without plastic surgery. (Surgical removal of surplus skin is only for extreme cases.) After disappearance of fatty tissue pressures, the skin gradually re-tensions and the natural process of constantly changing the connective tissue resolves gradually the internal scarring that is responsible for the uneven surface of the skin. It is in this final stage of the remedy that I really can help massage and stretching in my opinion.

So what can be said about anti-cellulite preparations?

I risk mistaking or hurting exceptions, but in the light of the above, I would say that most of these products belong to the realm of fraud. Specifically, Adonia Legtone says it is an "anti-cellulite emulsion" that "relieves symptoms after 9 minutes". This is either clear nonsense or the effect of massage alone when applying the product. This product also amused me with the talk about plant stem cells. The stem cell is the notion of animal physiology, in plants we are talking about meristems. For plants, "tribalism" is far from exceptional. Most plant cells are "tribal", even if they are all-potent - if the plant cell removes the cell wall, a whole new plant can be grown on the broth.

Apart from these lies, I generally do not think that it could be removed by external or internal use of any cellulite preparation. If you think serious about removing cellulite and take the necessary slimming step, then in the second, adaptation phase, I would only recommend an increased intake of vitamin C in addition to the maintenance reduction regimen because it is needed for collagen synthesis and binder conversion. And to say something you can not find in textbooks, there is a chance that momordica charantia could help in the process of removing cellulite. Momordika not only contains vitamin C in the form of retard (ascorbigen) but also has an effect on obesity and diabetes itself . I do not want to speculate on the possibilities of using other adaptogens in the treatment of cellulite. But I can say that even if this option was, it would be just a medical bonus. The main factor in cellulite repair must be to build the ability to maintain a proper diet long-term.

| 1.8.2009