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Acute allergy is an exaggerated reaction of the immune system to the presence of foreign antigens on the skin and mucous membranes. Under normal circumstances, acute rhinitis and urticaria adaptive responses to reduce the risk of infection, poisoning and parasites. However urbanized society appears unnatural allergy, which has epidemic proportions. Manifested as hay fever, asthma, allergic urticaria, chronic skin allergies, allergic eczema, etc. The internal equivalent allergy is anaphylaxis body's reaction to the presence of foreign antigen in the blood.

Prevention of allergies such as preventing immune naivety

From the foregoing, the occasional "allergy" in the form of rhymes is a natural reaction that confirms to us that our immune system works as it should. For me, such a reaction occurs mainly through contact with fungus spores (moldy interiors), smoke and too cold. These are all situations where increased production of mucus washes out of airway foreign bodies and prevents potentially fatal fungal infection of the airways. Increased mucus production in turn prevents cold "cold", i.e. capture some common respiratory tract infections that are in the cold period of the year due to abundant relative lack of UV radiation. (Eg once. And tuberculosis.) But I'm a physically healthy person, plus I grew up in the village where I was a child came into contact with all potential natural and dining allergens. I advocate the view that the best and indeed the only prevention of allergies in individuals with healthy immune system is preventing immune naivety: ie. Meeting all harmless natural antigens from an early age. In this I include insect tropomyosin and other insect antigens for which you do not let your children zavšivit - to reliably zahmyzení enough, though sometimes crawl like a henhouse in the film came to us pilgrimage. (Let's not forget that our ancestors walked daily for eggs in the henhouse, not in the fridge!)

However, there are patients suffering from allergy, which is caused by the inherent sensitivity. Selection of pathogens makes our immune system to diversity, so the immunity of different people work in different ways. Some of us react on the fly antigens (pollen, dust particles) unusually strong, so there is phlegm and internal swelling of the upper respiratory tract such as rhinitis. This condition, called asthma is asthma victims need not describe - it is a supremely annoying, life-threatening condition. Similar strong allergic conditions occur in some patients on the skin and in the gastrointestinal tract. In these patients the importance of the "prevention of second line" - ie. On the contrary, avoiding the natural antigens, particularly those which have strong allergic reactions. Thus handicapped people around you must create a hypoallergenic environment, which is normal for adolescents undesirable. I have severe allergies and tends to spread to more and more allergens - must therefore have a heavy asthmatic patient constantly spray antihistamine. These patients also apply immunosuppressive drugs and herbs having anti-inflammatory effects.

Another note on today's environment is that urban smog contains highly reactive radicals that are generated from sunlight, for example nitrogen oxides from automobile combustion products. The mixture of these radicals, smoke and organic waste products (poetically called smog) chemically modified natural antigens (oxidation, alkylation, nitration etc.), thus causing their enhanced excitability. Less experienced immune system this can lead to hypersensitivity to the original, unmodified natural antigen (e.g. pollen). It follows that children nowadays should be immune experience with both unmodified natural antigens, as well as industrially polluted environment - unless Czech scientists from the Institute for the improvement of man are no plans for the next five-year plan replacing internal combustion engines with electric and inventing technology being no will not produce toxic fumes.

treatment of allergies

The prevention of allergies I wrote above. Already developed allergies, it is necessary to cure, which in practice performs antihistamines and immunosuppressive drugs. Even less is known fact that allergy absorbs some adaptogens, which have the advantage compared with conventional drugs are practically non-existent side effects . (Previous sentence would have to put more emphasis on repeat.) It is obvious that people developed allergies to their allergens are avoided wherever possible and create around hypoalergického environment according to their specific needs.

Antiallergic effects of ginseng

Ginsenosides Rb 1 , Rc , Rd , F2 , and Rh 1 inhibit outpouring of histamine and leukotrienes from mast cells ( christensen2009gcb ) which inhibits allergic reactions. Ginsenosides Rh 1 , Rh 2 , and Compound A are potent inhibitors of cutaneous anaphylaxis. Gssd. Rb 1 blocks the molecular mechanisms of allergy ( Liao2006eri ). In vivo ginseng extract inhibits skin allergy ( Samukawa2012rgi ) gssd. Rg 1 suppresses asthmatic reaction ( Jung2012rpg ) and allergic rhinitis ( Inoue2013krg ).

Other herbs with anti-allergic effects

Baikal Skullcap has been found to be effective against allergic reactions ( Jung2012aes , Shin2014pes , Shin2014ssb , Bae2016bic ) and asthma ( Jang2012sii , Mabalirajan2013bra ). Its flavonoid bajkalin reduces the activation of mast cells by acting on the track promoter NF-kappa B ( Hsieh2007bii , Shin2014pes ). Other natural remedies antiallergic effects include perilla bushy and lingzhi mushroom . Number of herbs with anti-allergic effects are great, and I do not know which ones are the strongest. For now, the indications suggest that ginseng and personal visit TCM doctors.

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