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Arterio sclerosis, unlike atherosclerosis is any pathological loss of elasticity of the arteries. Quantitatively, the most abundant of atheroma cholesterol, but a key role in atherosclerosis play white cells (macrophages) , respectively. their inability to cope with atheroma. In contrast, "arteriosclerosis" is any pathological thickening and loss of elasticity of arteries. Arteriosclerosis is often associated with hypertension , athero sclerosis but it should not be confused. The term "atherosclerosis" may indicate both.

Arteriosclerosis of large arteries is measured non-invasive and is used as an indicator of overall cardiovascular health ( Wilkinson2009aag ).

Arteriosclerosis effective adaptogens particularly ginseng

Description of the mechanism of action of adaptogens, especially the ginseng arteries that are equally applied also in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, in more details, devoted to the description of its effects on prevention and treatment of heart disease , a protective effect against atherosclerosis and its antihypertensive effect and its protective and regenerating effects on blood vessels .

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