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Dementia (senile imbecility)

Senile dementia, Czech senile imbecility is traditionally associated with old age . It should however be noted that the minds of old people languishing slowest of all systems. The brain healthy seniors are functionally behaves just as well, if not better as the young. Working ability and experience of older people are often above average. The age is not imbecility, but wisdom. For joining the imbecility age occurs due to the existence of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease - frequent diseases of old men.

Ginseng protects against senile dementia

Protection upadáním brain functions that ginseng to some extent provides associated with its neuroprotective effect . But there are also studies aimed specifically at the effect of ginseng against weakening mental function with age . For example, according Zhao2009lga , in senile mice (mice occurs age at the age of 12 months), which in the course of life after eight months have taken ginseng (mixture of ginsenosides 100mg / kg / day in the drinking water), there was almost complete elimination of the negative effects of aging on memory in memory tests. A mixture of ginsenosides in old mice also prevented reduction in levels of proteins associated with the hippocampal memory function (NMDA R1, CaMKII, PKA-Cβ, CREB, BDNF) and to maintain their level at the corresponding healthy adults. Important is of course the direct effects against Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease .

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