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Female sexual dysfunction - frigidity

Female sexual dysfunction - frigidity

While male sexual dysfunction (impotence) is a problem that can not be hidden, women's issues in this area remain hidden vice versa, and also quite anatomical reasons. Female sexual dysfunction is so publicly manifested mainly as frigidity - decreased ability to sexual relations. It's hard frigidity odzlišit from the low probability of finding "the right". People, and especially women are highly complex machines and is as unwise as dangerous insult is excessive, simplifying their sexual decisions. That is why the mythical "treatment frigidity" problematic. Women often act viciously frigid up to the males, which do not really want. Those, in turn, sometimes secretly dreams of a magical means to get a coveted partner - that's why they are successful scam, "pheromone sprays" which "no woman could resist." So for those who would try ukuchtit herbal combination that would elect its subtly added to the drink, I say in advance: No combination to overcome the apparent frigidity partner who rejects you there - and I must say that fortunately. It is more than clear that something sexuality sex that sex today decided - ie. Women - it is not okay to have fertility index in the cultural layers of the population well below the natural recovery, but it is not appropriate to the situation simplify as mere "epidemic frigidity "- it would only cover their sociological problem that magic little word. The frigidity can safely speak only in patients with estrogen deficiency, most women after menopause. I'm sorry that I may have cooled someone's hope, but I like to say things straight. I'm not saying that traditional adaptogens to improve potency and fertility are young, healthy women to nothing but can not be used to reverse their partner of choice. The female sexual choice could be interesting to write, but the attitude has rather to specific herbs.

Natural remedies to improve potency and fertility in women

The traditional means in the region include epimedium swept , tribulus terrestris ( Souza2016ett , Postigo2016aet ) děhel Chinese and ginseng . Ikarin and other flavonoids of epimedium and Tribulus have besides effect on erections addition estrogenic effect demonstrated in animals ( Kang2012eae ). Dr Duke to herbs "against frigidity" adds fenugreek , ginger true and pastalu has distributed . Overview Mazarocosta2010mpa the list of incriminating traditional herbs also connects hop (Humulus lupulus), ginkgo biloba , ločidlo (Ferula spp.), Red clover (Trifolium pratense), branchy black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) and general chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus).

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