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Headache, migraine

Headache and Migraine

Headache is a clinical symptom that can have a wide aetiology. Headache is a pain that we can not be attributed to specific structures (eg teeth, nose, etc.), but we feel diffusion across the head portion. The actual brain tissue can not hurt because he has no pain receptors. Inside the skull but are many structures that have nociceptors - cerebral blood vessels, dura mater and the majority of the tissues surrounding the CNS. The inflammatory process in the brain may increase the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid, or otherwise irritate the structure sensitive to pain.

A migraine there are various theories, but more recently scientists tend to believe that it may be irritation of the trigeminal nerve, which is transmitted from the meninges.

Headache may also be located in specific structures on the head or even outside (neck, shoulders, chest), while our sensory system mistakenly translates it into the head. It is usually a pain in the neck muscles, shoulder muscles etc. Another common cause of headaches tend to be inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis) and teeth. For otitis media usually hurts the most affected ear, but intense pain is reflected in the head. Other příčinamy headaches are inflammation of salivary glands, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the lacrimal gland. A completely different type of headache, there is the trauma (ie. When her head on something hard I punch). Thus we see that the cause of headaches can be very serious ( cancer mention ) during prolonged headaches should not therefore hesitate before seeing a doctor. Second place is adaptogens self-medication, which should also be supervised by a physician knowledgeable in medical botany.

Ginseng for headaches

Reasons for which a headache occurs is therefore a lot. Among the various types of headaches finds several such where ginseng occupies:

For other specific inflammation of the structures of the jaw, face and eye structures can not give general recommendations. Decisions on the use of ginseng should be based on the individual specifics of the case or make a TCM doctor MD knowledgeable ginseng. Immunomodulatory effects of ginseng in acute bacterial inflammation is especially unclear (TCM advises him to avoid in these cases), and how treatment should follow a doctor. That, however, we got far beyond the "headaches".

Other adaptogens

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