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Mental and physical stress

What is stress?

The word stress has several meanings. The theoretical stress medicine has its definition: load deflection of organism homeostasis (allostatic load). Jánoš Selye, the father called. Described a unified theory of medicine also called. Generalized adaptation syndrome (GAS), which was in its time a revolutionary scientific discovery: a generalized adaptation syndrome is a nonspecific response of the organism to stress . It was to be followed by I. Brechman his definition of adaptogen.

In common parlance "stress" frequently refers to the psychological (mental) stress. The definition of mental stress is unclear, but we sense intuitively what it was - they are manifestations of mental adaptation syndrome in the stage of exhaustion, while mental stress phases before exhaustion is celebrated as the so-called. "Adrenaline". Express it in terms eustress and distress - eustress is "stress until good", while distress is damaging stress in the stage of exhaustion.

Carnal (physical) stress

Under physical stress means mainly increased physical exertion, but in principle can be considered for each physical burden that is not psychic. Adaptogens long-term use increased physical performance . From the mechanisms by which they do it, it is the most interesting action against the hormonal stress response and subsequent feelings of fatigue . Among the physical load in the wider sense include load thermal, chemical , radiological , biological, etc.

Mental (psychological) stress

Mental stress can be defined as the existence of the adverse effect that causes discomfort - unsuitable working environment, interference, failures in personal, academic or professional sphere, family problems ... An exhaustive list of problematic situations is not necessary, the meaning of folk word stress is well-known. In stressful situations, the point is not to avoid discomfort (that we might need to take addictive drugs), but to solve the cause. In today's world, however, psychological stress is not always a problem solving contributes.

In any - thus including mental - stress, namely, to the release of catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine ...) and later corticosteroids (cortisol etc.). Their activating effect on bodily functions may be unnecessary. Stress purely psychological causes largely the same hormonal response (preparation for combat) as physical stress. Stressed organism is spared. Increases blood pressure, blood sugar. Transient increase in blood pressure may be permanent (e.g. muscle hypertrophy of the arteries). Chronic stress hormone cortisol increase acts toward Cushing's Syndrome, obesity, a particular type of storage of fat in the abdomen . Excess fat can vnitrobřišního (unlike subcutaneous fat) cause immune problems , diabetes , atherosclerosis , metabolic syndrome. The natural adaptogens is known that these so-called. Lifestyle diseases greatly help. We can therefore say that these adaptogens help against mental stress - albeit not bring relief from problems, protects the body from the negative effects of mental stress.

"I'm stressed, I suffer from mental health problems"

When I say this, it is likely that what we suffer, are in fact some abstract mental problems or "mental stress", but a very specific problem in the family, in love, college, work ... That is a problem that is not solvable or tranquilizers, or some general recommendations. Perhaps one recommendation: During acute stress reaction, they release hormones into the blood "fight or flight" epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline). From this we can learn. Our situation may also require, in a sense an attack (ie. A vigorous solution), or escape ...

Psychological stress "suffer" every

I would argue that virtually the entire population, not only the Czech Republic but all over the world suffer from stress. Psychological stress because it is a natural manifestation of that is something we try. Furthermore, I argue that whether any social situation, all the members suffer from stress about the same. You, your colleague / work colleague, your boss, the president of the Czech Republic, a former Czech President, Warren Buffet of the US, everyone is a little trying. Psychological stress is the population distributed very evenly, but some of their stress less talking (and next gossip too).

How to effectively get rid of psychological stress

For psychological stress it is important to realize that this is not just about get rid of it, but to avoid danger or to achieve the objectives for which the "stresses". This often requires enhanced performance in low ambient conditions. Under these circumstances, we can achieve much more natural diet adherence. A suitable part may be natural adaptogens.

Adaptogens are linked to the definition of stress

Israel Brechman described adaptogens as antistress agents, or more specifically, a substance enhancing the adaptation range. The etymology of the word adaptogen is based on generalized adaptation syntromu (GAS) and unified theory of medicine János Selye. For psychological stress is the importance of adaptogens in mental activation, accompanied by protection against deterioration of the body as a result of an outpouring of stress hormones. The influence of natural adaptogens (ginseng, Rhodiola, Schisandra ...) to psychological stress in animals and humans (soldiers, sailors, students, ...) have examined Brechman with very interesting results.

Ginseng as a protection against psychological stress

It is necessary to clearly say that ginseng as an adaptogen model is one of the best means to protect against mental stress. During exercise protects the body and psyche against overload and maintains an appropriate level of mental activity. Cortisol - the main stress hormone - ginseng stabilizes ( Kim2003egs ). The effect of ginseng on mental stress is a huge topic with hundreds of published scientific studies. Here are a few:

  • Ginseng has a direct effect on stress hormones and stress, its effect is not only relaxing ( Gaffney2001pge ).
  • Ginsenoside Rb 1 enhances animal performance in a negative (electroshock) motivated tasks and removes anxious feelings of carrying out these tasks ( Churchill2002npg ).
  • Gssd. Rb 3 had an animal model anxiolytic and anti-stress effect. ( Cui2012gre )
  • Majonosid-R2 reduces stress in laboratory animals by acting on the opioid receptors, GABA A receptors and CRH ( Huong1998aem ).
  • Ginseng extract in rats reduces the stress of immobilization ( Bhattcharyya1999epg ).
  • The mixture ginseng saponins and specifically ginsenoside Rc in stressed rats stabilized cortisol but not ACTH ( Kim2003egs ).
  • In stressed rats ginseng long limited the level of stress hormones restriction enzymes, gene expression of synthetic pathways ( Kim2010aeg ).
  • Gssd. Rc , gssd. 20 (S) -rg 3 and a compound A having the ability to reduce the stressed mice, the stress hormone cortisol ( Kim2003iii , Kim1998isp ).

In addition to direct anti-stress effects of ginseng they are also important its nootropic effect and is otherwise harmless and safe .

Other adaptogens

Swedish Professor Alexandr Panossian provides an overview of the effect of Rhodiola rosea to stabilize the levels of cortisol and other stress hormones ( Panossian2010rrr ). Chan2012pgr summarizes the effect of Rhodiola and Schisandra Chinese against mental exhaustion. Jiaogulan incorrectly called quinquefolia ginseng , hailing snodárná incorrectly called Indian ginseng , watercress Peruvian incorrectly called Peruvian Ginseng , Jujube , Albizia julibrissin (Albizia julibrissin), kava sacred (Piper methysticum), passion flower, lemon balm, valerian, coriander, saffron and lime blossom also have potential in the treatment of anxiety and psychological stress. Interested parties can find these additional plants, for example, the new two-part Australian survey ( Sarris2013pma , Sarris2013pm1 ).

How to cope with the psychological stress

First of all, we must realize that apart from the physical stress (physical exertion, extreme weather etc.), mental stress is our perception of the situation around us. Outside the prison, and emergency (eg. The loss of loved ones) are actually stressful for yourself its efforts to achieve an objective. Many cancer patients who were suddenly forced to completely rethink their objectives, would it with such "stressed" man gladly swap. We do not seek only "relieve stress". It's about getting rid of it the right way - thus achieving the desired objective or, conversely, his leaving and setting easier targets. If the social situation worsens, we have set targets increasingly more modestly. Again, these are specific situations that can not be solved by general recommendations. But we can say that the treatment of stress GABA agonists (alcohol, sleeping pills ...) or other psychotropic drugs should be up to the last choice.

Return to nature

Perhaps the best general recommendations for those who suffer from stress, a return to nature and nature - the fact why we are evolutionarily familiar. Of course, if a little try, you can not escape into the wild, but nature can be set up in those areas where it goes under the circumstances - natural lifestyle, biorhythm and lighting , food, entertainment ... This helps our mind to better estimate how much and what has itself stressed. For psychological stress itself does not mind the mental strain - which, moreover, to a greater or lesser extent accompanies any effort - but that psychological stress unnecessarily mobilizes physical reserves (increases blood pressure, sugar, affects fat metabolism), which in postmodern society is not adaptive. It is against this negative aspect of psychological stress adaptogens help.

Those interested in the practical use of adaptogens have two options: The first is the medicinal plants grow or collect separately. The second is those plants purchased in the form of dried material, so try . When taking adaptogens must remember that their effects occur slowly. Inadequate dosing and expectations of immediate or miraculous effects often cause misunderstandings especially in the most important practical adaptogen - ginseng. For that I wrote instructions for use , with the help of which you can avoid most of these pitfalls.

| 21.2.2009