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Scientific Theories of Aging

Towards the end of the 20th century, so-called aging theory, which has been a lot, came to the center of popularity.

Probably the first of these was the theory of oxidation and antioxidants . This is based on the simple consideration that as yellowish butter and gums, the fats and polymers in the body oxidize. And just as vitamin C is added to butter, antioxidants can also protect the human body. Eat therefore antioxidants and let us be healthy! The problem with this theory is that our body of antioxidants has long known, and it's better than all biologists together. For example, even uric acid, which we mostly condemn as the maker of days, is in fact an extremely powerful antioxidant.

Other mechanisms of aging are known - radiation and ultraviolet radiation, contributing to the oxidation and damage of covalent bonds, cardiovascular damage, joint wear, loss of water and tissue elasticity, telomere reduction, and cell line progression to Hayflick's ...

Interesting and perhaps underestimated is the theory of immune failure, which I am talking about in the article on the immune system . In essence, the fact is that the immune system has a greater degree of error with the age. The worst of these errors is autoimmunity - an attack on one's own cells . Immunity plays a major role in atherosclerosis and diabetes . The negative effect on immunity and autoimmunity is one of the other hidden costs of thickness, the poor in immune terms is mainly fat inside . It has been reported that drugs (and I add that adaptogens) limiting bad inflammation reactions have a good chance of improving the health of aging people, improving the course of old-age illnesses (eg type 2 diabetes ) and counteracting the decline of mental functions. For reference see, for example, Deleidi2015iad .

Mental illnesses associated with old age

Old age is traditionally associated with diseases such as senile dementia ( old age ) . However, it is necessary to point out that the minds of old people are dying most slowly from all systems. The brain of healthy seniors behaves functionally as well as if not younger. The working capacity and experience of older people are often above average. Old age is not weakness, but wisdom. The joining of old age with weakness is due to the existence of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease - common diseases of old men.

Ginseng increases vitality in the elderly and protects against old age illnesses

Compared to the younger seniors' body, they no longer bear such a burden. The mind of healthy seniors works well, but needs protection. In the elderly, the effect of adaptogens is most evident, which by their nature extends the stress range of the body . And it's not just a model ginseng right adaptant ( Panax ginseng ). Or its new-world analogue American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). Even seniors with a shortage of money may have an above-average diet in terms of adapogenic foods, when they emphasize the so-called wild vegetables, ie non-digested or little domesticated plants used as vegetables - nettles, cabbage, chicory, medical cream and many others whose nutritional value Cultivated vegetables. Quality ginseng is not more expensive than good coffee, but if we want to have panaxosides completely free of charge, we can obtain it by our own cultivation of gynostemy pettilists (jiao-ke-lan, jiaogulan , Gynostemma pentaphyllum ). As a single plant outside the genus Panax , Gynostema is a five-leaf species containing a certain amount of real panaxoside ginseng . Even if we disregard panaxosides, there are many more or less traditional adaptogens that are more or less suitable for the elderly. It is, for example, eleuterokok (incorrectly Siberian ginseng ) that found an effective Italian clinical trial Cicero2004esg against the fatigue and lack of vitality in the elderly. In the following text, I focus mainly on ginseng.

It is generally known that ginseng is very suitable for the elderly. The effects of ginseng on the joints , the brain , the heart , the blood vessels and the bloodstream and the overall health are particularly marked. According to the TCM, almost all middle-aged people can recommend regular ginseng use. Effects on steroid receptors in the brain increase vitality in the elderly. Ginseng in seniors improves memory , protects against dementia ( Chen2008cpe ), parkinsonism and Alzheimer's disease . About the protective effects of ginseng associated with other aging processes I also write about rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain and chronic fatigue .

Protection against aging processes in general

A typical experimental model of aging is oxidative and radiation aging. On the natural oxidative aging model in the rat, it was found ( Ramesh2012pgr ) that red ginseng extract ( ginseng radix rubra ) limits lipid peroxidation and improves the activity of antioxidant systems. Against radiation, the ginseng proves extremely well . Radiation in the aging model was examined by Kostyleva2009gpb , which showed the effect of ginseng on increasing the age achieved in experimental animals and a year later ( Kostyleva2010rab ) also its effect on neoplasms resulting from such aging. (These neoplasms can normally be seen in the elderly such as skin patches, overgrown birthmarks, bosorary warts, etc.) The Korean Kang2009erg study focused on the effect of ginseng on skin aging due to UVB radiation, which in practice is mainly manifested by wrinkles and increased risk Skin cancer . Morrisaki mentions the effectiveness of red ginseng to alleviate the symptoms of rare premature aging (Werner syndrome, progeria). Progression can also be seen as a model and natural aging.

Kustovnice as another suitable adaptogen in seniors

There are many kinds of healthy wild fruits suitable for seniors. Old people often suffer from a worse diet than young and healthy people. Including wild fruits or small garden berries in the menu is easy and often very cheap. I am concentrating on the pastry shop not because I consider it more miraculous than blueberries, but because it is one of the standard adaptogenes of the TCM and I have a well-studied one. This is true of today's science: There are more than 500 scientific publications on the library, from which I find the following information:

According to the Potterat2010glb , from the point of view of the TČM , the henchman helps to "clear the heat" and suppress the fever from the lack of another principle. These are, of course, in terms of European scientific medicine . The scientist will be interested in the fact that it contains specific polysaccharides ( LBP , Lycium barbarum polysaccharides ), a mixture of branched polysaccharides and proteoglycans, carotenoids, vitamin C in the form of provitamin and other substances. LBP reduces oxidative burden on tissues and slows aging ( Cheng2015eup ). According to the same survey, according to the available studies, LBP is hypoglycaemic and effective against diabetes, protects the liver against poisons and radiation, protects the nervous system and mental capabilities and has a cardioprotective effect. The scavenger is further claimed to protect the retina and generally the sight ( Bucheli2011gbe ). The study of the collector suffers from the same misgivings as the research of other adaptogens and drugs, but my overall verdict is that the herringbone is a good fruit of the miraculous family of Solanaceae ( Solanaceae ) suitable for children, adults and seniors.

I would like to point out that the miraculous family of aubergines, besides the pasta, contains other miraculous crops for the seniors: miraculous tomatoes ( Solanum lycopersicum ), miraculous pepper ( Capsicum ), medicinal mocha of Jewish cherry ( Physalis alkekengi ), violet edible black egg ( Solanum nigrum ) Also a miraculous Ayurvedic adaptogene of the vagina (" Withania somnifera" ), incorrectly referred to as " Indian ginseng ". Tomatoes would recommend minor sizes. In terms of pepper, hotter is more advantageous with its capsaicin, which is thermogenic and can help with pain, but sweet peppers can be harvested much more - and that's what it is. I deliberately forgot very tasty fruits of aubergine ( Solanum melongena or aubergine ), because they are, in my opinion, too sophisticated. Try adding eggplants to non-edible black eggplants.

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