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Growth and regeneration of blood vessels

Growth and regeneration of blood vessels - ingrowth of newly formed capillaries into regenerating tissue. Problems are associated with vascular injuries and post-operative conditions, very often with civilization diseases and natural aging.

Angiogenic effects of adaptogens

The effects on the regeneration of blood vessels - vascular regeneration and growth of capillaries are among adaptogens are well known. Traditionally they manifest themselves in their use in diseases of the heart , for the treatment of high blood pressure, and chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins, hemorrhoids, esophageal varices). For cosmetic problem to improve the appearance of the skin to heal some types of skin inflammation . Also, in serious injuries and postoperative recovery . They are important for the elderly , who often suffer from poor blood circulation.

Protective and regenerative effect of ginseng on blood vessels

And a protective effect on the vascular endothelial (tens of works, e.g. Li2008ibc ) is the essence of the protective effect of ginseng in heart disease . Ginseng but also improves the recovery (growth) after vascular injury and this is the basis of much of its effectiveness in wound healing . It is also possible that ginseng positively affects the construction and remodeling of connective tissues. They appear because both articles documenting the use of ginseng against scarring ( Pazyar2012gpn , Yao2007epn ), sophomore articles warning, alerting physicians to patients forbid earth ginseng ( Pribitkin2001htw ), that the same situation as the well-proven cardiac effects of ginseng . Overview of several representative studies here:

Besides panaxosidů which accelerates the growth of vessels and there are those that have a capillary rise effect inhbiční (e.g. ginsenoside Rg 1 versus Rb 1 ). This is not a contradiction, the content of substances with antagonistic effect is at frequent adaptogens topic and regeneration of blood vessels it, scientists are well aware ( Sengupta2004may , Leung2007gri ).

Reishi effects on the growth and regeneration of blood vessels

Effect of Reishi on cardiovascular system are not entirely understood, in addition to the effect of anti-proliferation, i.e. excessive growth of vascular tissue therein dominates effect against inflammation . It has further associated with anti-cancer potential of Reishi mushroom .

  • Documented positive effect on the regeneration of blood vessels (22021110) - latest work clarifies physicians Taiwanese Reishi mechanism of action against vascular neoplasms by smooth muscle cells and human aortic artificially damaged vessel mice 22021110th

Other adaptogens and medicinal plants with angiogenic effects

Proangiogenic effect also have other species of the genus Panax, for example, P. notoginseng, the total saponin in a concentration of 0.1μg / ml accelerates division of endothelial cells, increases the level of vascular growth factors and promotes the growth of capillaries ( Hong2009aes ). Plants have a positive effect on the regeneration of capillaries will certainly be a lot more, and I'm not under any illusions that I had a chance to mention them all here. I found at least a few: According Panossian2008psc 's Schisandra Chinese , according Majewska2011pap also milkvetch membranous , Wild Angelica Chinese , sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), and in addition also aloe vera , whose positive effects on wound healing summarizes Hashemi2015rpa .

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