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Steroid receptors and pathways

What are steroid receptors?


Effect panaxosidů to steroid receptors and pathways

Ginseng saponins are steroidal in nature and is not surprising that act on mammalian cells steroid receptors (estrogen, anrogenní, glucocorticoid receptor, etc.). From this fact, but entails no coherent conclusion. Panaxosidy effect on steroid receptors rather provoke effects in folk awareness steroids do not associate - neuroprotective, cardiovascular, and the like. To balance sex hormones ginseng generally does not intervene. Perhaps the effect on erection is not a result of a hormonal action, but the activation of nitric oxide synthase in the vasculature . The following examples of specific interactions are not exhaustive publications on Panaxosidy on this topic is about ten times more.

estrogen receptor

androgen receptor

glucocorticoid receptor

The term adaptogen is theoretically defined in relation to stress . Practically, in the model adaptogen ginseng it shows that its content substances act directly on the glucocorticoid receptor. The main glucocorticoid in humans is the stress hormone cortisol.

  • Ginsenoside Rg 1 acts on the glucocorticoid receptor. ( Kang1994gri , Cheung2011gia )
  • Ginsenoside Re acts on the glucocorticoid receptor in endothelial cells and phosphorylation of endothelial NO synthase facilitates the production of nitric oxide. ( Leung2007neg )

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