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Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. Ex Fr.) P.Kumm.)

Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) is a common fungus , which, however, has significant medicinal properties. His character is close to the definition of adaptogen, although not as perfect as an adaptogen ginseng (Panax ginseng) or lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) . The main curative effects of oyster mushrooms can be divided into three categories:

For the oyster are examined as well as others, such as antimicrobial ( Wolff2008aaa ) effects, but they are less important.

Effects of oyster mushrooms against elevated cholesterol level

Oyster comprises lovastatin, a substance from the class of statins that are often prescribed for atherosclerosis. Effectiveness of statins consider unclear, but it is good to know that the oyster and other mushrooms are their natural source.

Anticancer effects of oyster mushrooms

Anticancer effects of oyster mushroom Japanese first described in the late 60s ( Watanabe1969aap ). The other publications in this direction have proliferated to the 21st century.

Oyster has some anti-cancer effects, though less powerful and less specific than lingzhi mushroom and some other types of order Polyporales.

On the anticancer effects of oyster mushroom point: Cao2015aap , Devi2015iad , Facchini2014aap , Olufemi2012aie , Jedinak2010poi , Jedinak2008poi , Gu2006ceo and more. These effects are attributed mainly polysaccharides (more properly proteoglycans), which analyzed studies at Oyster Silva2012ppc .

In fungi there are specific and non-specific anti-cancer effects. Non-specific anti-cancer and other effects besides oyster common large amount of edible mushrooms such as Lentinus (Shiitake), Auricularia (Judas ear), Flammulina (enokitake whose degenerate cultivated form is known as enoki mushrooms), Tremella (rosolovka) Hericium (coral) and Grifola (trsnatec). Eating these mushrooms as a category generally improves health ( Chang1996fpe , Xu2012cpe ), but we are interested but mainly the specific effects of each mushroom. It does not make sense to talk eg. On the anticancer effects of oyster same effect as a large group of unrelated fungi (see eg. A study Martin2010ccs ) exclusively on the basis that includes nonspecific fungal proteoglycans that activate cytotoxic immunity. See the overview of beta glucan in edible mushrooms, Rop2009bhf . Regarding the anti-cancer effects have been intensively studied numerous other species of the genus Pleurotus: P. eryngii, P. citrinopileatus, P. djamor, P. giganteus, P. nebrodensis, P. abalonus, P. cystidiosus, P. pulmonarius etc.

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