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Ginseng is not doping

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) classifies ginseng as an authorized substance for athletes

WADA ( World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA ) is the highest authority in ensuring global fight against doping in elite sport. Founded in 1999, the International Olympic Committee. Creates and manages a worldwide anti-doping program and unifies the rules of all sports organizations and institutions around the world to "World Anti-Doping Code," which includes an updated "list of banned substances and doping methods." Other activities include the organization WADA testing athletes. When athletes take any medications or supplements should always be sure that these will not cause a positive test for doping.

Ginseng is not on the list of banned substances and doping methods

"The list of banned substances and doping methods" that WADA publishes ( list valid from January 1, 2009 is here ), does ginseng or its constituents. Although it should be noted that in addition to the various prohibited substances and methods are included in the list are also broader group of substances such as anabolic steroids, stimulants, steroid receptor modulators, which would in theory could be someone assigned by ginseng. Therefore it is necessary to look for a more specific opinion WADA to ginseng ...

Ginseng was classified in 2000 as WADA "released doping"

WADA has already ginseng specifically addressed, even soon after its inception. Just in the summer of 2000 at the Olympic Games in Sydney found that some athletes use ginseng regularly.

Direct expression of ginseng WADA published in the Report on during the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney (p. 40): "... Ginseng (ginseng) and other common supplements (creatine, melatonin, hydroxymetylmáselná acid, inosine, vitamins, minerals, etc.) are between pseudo-doping or doping released ... "

Another indirect expression of WADA include, for example this and this document - ginseng is always mentioned among the permitted supplements like vitamins, minerals, creatine etc. In Minutes Executive Committee meeting WADA on July 20, 2000 onwards, one of the committee members directly says that a positive laboratory test can not be taken into account if it was caused by ginseng.

Safety of ginseng in terms of doping tests also confirmed by scientific studies.

WADA itself does not test dietary supplements. Testing ginseng (ginseng extract specifically) but dealt eg. A study conducted doping tests on a group of 39 Canadian athletes long-using ginseng extract ( goel2004dug ). This shows that ginseng does not cause positive doping tests.

| 7.4.2009