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Ginseng to overcome challenging situations

In Korea, traditionally used strong ginseng decoction containing a large amount of ginseng in weakness and hypothermia. In view of the effects of ginseng on this site "weakness" or hypothermia find ( "weakness" is not accurate diagnosis and hypothermia is a dearth of today), but these effects of ginseng are real and have been well documented.

The effect of ginseng during cold stress has been scientifically confirmed for the first time in the classical period of adaptogens research in human probands ( Novozhilov1985mae ) and has been confirmed by other publications ( Kumar1996etr ). Regarding the "weakness", so this indication, I would like to cite the observation of European Doctors 18th Century: Count Belchingen (one of the doctors Maria Theresa) in his "Essay on the virtues and properties of ginseng tea" vividly warns against drinking black and green tea (then caffeinated beverages) and instead recommends ginseng tea "as the most effective remedy for any weakness caused by excessive fatigue, body and soul ," and also "hazy vision, feminine weakness, scurvy and leprosy." It describes twelve cases of witnesses and patients "cured simply by taking ginseng tea." The Royal Society is devoted ginseng since. 1679 and then materials contain numerous emotional stories of miraculous effects of ginseng at various "weakened" patients ( Appleby1983grs ). Carl Linnaeus he had knowledge of ginseng and when in the 18th century named Panax (panacea), it was not even a pinch of irony.

Lump higher dose of ginseng can be difficult to overcome physical and mental situations we use. Dosage is individual and depends on the difficulty of the situation - follow intuition and their needs. For ginseng as an adaptogen type you do not need to worry about overdose. Personally, I have successfully tried quite high doses (more than 15 grams at one time), a more detailed description of my subjective experience of mention . With repeated use of high doses may appear transient discomfort .

| 26.2.2009