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My subjective experience with large doses of ginseng

psychological effects

The daily dose of 1-2 grams of dried root effect I was unable to distinguish from normal fluctuations in performance and mood. After consuming more than 20 grams of dried root (over 500 ml of a strong decoction ) within 24 hours, but arrived quite noticeable effect equivalent rather my ideas about cocaine trip, I've never taken a course. Increased mental activation, increase in courage and boldness, concentration to the limit of rapid thinking disappearance of obsessive thoughts, feelings of boredom, guilt, anxiety, improve short-term memory and resistance to distracting factors also increase distraction. Suppression of sleep needs while retaining the possibility of sleep. Increased volitional control over the orientation of attention, less anxiety or unpleasant task long overdue. Improving appetite, but the decrease of interest in food as an escape from tasks. The effects of large doses fade very slowly, do not tend to move in opposite extremes. There is no euphoric effect, rather an increase in mental stress, remotely similar to that of caffeine. Also, increased aggression and malice. In this last is probably concur with other researchers - eg. Even skeptical study lewis1983nar indicates increased aggression in mice. I also saw an interesting book about the assertiveness that stimulates the second player in the game ultimatum (I can reference for the world to find).

physical effects

Facilitating erection . Efficacy in the treatment of diseases can not judge. At 30 min. run under the influence of large doses of ginseng, I did not observe any differences in athletic performance

| 4.8.2008