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Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus (Rupr. & Maxim.) Maxim.)

(Also Devil's Club Barb, lat. Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Foreign goji berries (goji)
Brekhmanová drawing eleutherocok

Eleutherocok (incorrectly Siberian ginseng ) was the first "ginseng" which I had the opportunity to try out in practice (it was during my trip to the Far East), which later led me to write this historical site of Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) . Page still has historical value, but comes from a time when I have been the victim of two common mistakes - the effects of ginseng, I considered it scientifically inconclusive, and only on the botanical affinity I had for that Siberian ginseng and ginseng right are nearly identical in terms of their chemical composition. As a result, I have a lack of information concerning only E. senticosus "bailed out" by him zaplácnul information derived from studies of P. ginseng and P. quinquefolius. Rather apologizes to me is that the same mistake at the beginning of the research eleuthero committed and renowned Russian scientists.

Siberian compared to ginseng right.

Like ginseng, and eleutherocok is harmless. According Medon1981het in mice LD 50 of dried water extract of Siberian ginseng at all could not be established (> 3 g / kg).

The study Medon1981het , dating back to Brechmanovských times, also shows hypoglycemic effect eleutherocok. Brechman said that eleutherocok is (for athletes) more effective than ginseng. It is generally considered that eleutherocok below the overall effectiveness of ginseng, but today there is a significant number of studies pointing to the possibility of action against stress and fatigue ( Deyama2001cpe , Cicero2004esg , Huang2011bfa , Panossian2009eea ). Like many other adaptogens would emphasize the need for appropriate dosage - one or two capsules a day is definitely not enough.

Unlike ginseng but other plants of the family aralkovitých, eleutherocok included, they are woody shrubs, retain their consistency for direct consumption. For eleutherocok extraction is required. In Medon1981het describes the preparation of an extract eleutherocok 10minutovým mixing 100 g powdered drug (radix / lignum) in 1000 ml of distilled water at 60 ° C. In this method there is obtained from 100 g eleutherocok 1 liter solution containing 1.6 g of dissolved constituents. These can be obtained by drying (lyophilization) as a powdered extract. Therefore, if a manufacturer really say filled capsules 400mg pure powdered extract, you could talk about the proper dosage. Such a formulation with us but just as easily see. This is what happened in stores offering such eleutherocok contains Siberian ginseng extract mostly in small, completely ineffective amount. In the former. USSR sells relatively honest liquid extract of Siberian ginseng ( ???????? ???????? ), but would like to take more than a few drops, as I did myself.

Eleutherocok - adaptogen, whose discovery was inspired by ginseng

Eleutherocok as an adaptogen Brechman was discovered by a systematic study of the family aralkovitých (Araliaceae), to which he was inspired by his experiences as ginseng ergogenním agent. I will now probably biased, but I would guess that Brechman ideally dreamed it would appear more effective than ginseng an adaptogen. It turns out that the ginseng genus in the family aralkovitých exceptional and the only other adaptogenic plant in which Brechman aralkovitých managed to appear was eleutherocok of which Brechman even began to suggest that in some aspects superior to ginseng. This is a statement with which many people later disputed, but for me the reason to pay attention to eleutherocok.

After chemically with ginseng and eleutherocok apart completely different

Rod Ginseng (Panax) is an exceptional family Araliaceae. Its content substances, panaxosidy , besides ginseng occur in almost any other plant (except Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) comprises, in the dried leaves about 0.5% of ginseng panaxosidů whose leaves also contain a limited amount panaxosidů identical to those ženšenovými). We know it today. For Brechmanových times but it was not so clear - the whole idea of a systematic search of the family aralkovitých was based on the assumption that phylogenetic affinity with ginseng is reflected in the chemical affinity. This assumption proved false - eleuthero discovery in this light seems like a happy accident that could happen Brekhmann as well as research and any other family of plants.

Substances contained eleutherocok.

Phytochemical survey of the plant begins to content insulation materials. Those put in eleuthero Brechman name eleuterosidy, modeled panaxosidů / ginsenosides in ginseng. In summary davydov2000es author expresses his dissatisfaction with this Brechmanovou choice ( this is what I have written elsewhere ).

Content substances Eleuthero is in no way disagree with ginseng. In eleutherocok not find any of ginseng panaxosidů. "Eleuterosidy" not for eleutherocok specific, in other words, they had previously been reported from common plants such as carrots, lilac, ivy, dsn.

Eleuterosid A = daukosterol

Eleuterosid B = syringin

Protects against radiation damage, immunomodulation effect (referencing the davydov2000es ).

Eleuterosid B1 = izofraxidin

Cytotoxic lymphocyte leukemia in mice, stomachic (referenced in davydov2000es ).

Eleuterosid B4 = sezamin

Lowers LDL cholesterol, anticancer, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective (referencing the davydov2000es ).

Eleuterosid E = (-) syringaresinol-4,4'-O-β-D-diglukosid akantosid = D


Eleuterosid E1 = (-) syringaresinol-O-β-D-monoglukosid


Eleuterosid I, K, L, M

oleananové glycosides

betulinic acid


caffeic acid

Antioxidant, cytoprotective, anti-tumor, gout (arthritis Urica), antibacterial (referencing the davydov2000es ).

vitamin E

It is well-known antioxidant vitamin.

effects Eleuthero

Eleutherocok it has been studied in terms of many diseases and adaptation effects. I will take a while before it all here sezbíráte, yet only:

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