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Decreased thyroid function in breast cancer

Hello, six months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer , I have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have an allergy to pollen and reduced thyroid function. I am convinced that the weakening of immunity in me caused this serious disease. Thyroid medicine without consulting the physician, I planted in April, and I do not take allergy medications because it does not cure the cause. To strengthen the immunity of any dietary supplements you are already taking. By using ginseng I have no experience, so you please advice how to start using. Sincerely, Mary.

Madam Marie,

in cases such as your, are particularly suitable medicinal mushrooms that are really effective against cancer: increased survival time and reduce the likelihood of recidivism. They are mainly wood-decaying mushrooms: Reishi mushroom glossy (Ganoderma lucidum) and Trametes versicolor (Trametes, Coriolus versicolor was not) .

It is best to use the powder concentrate (Forte). It is a concentrate of active substances is thus stronger than ordinary powdered extract. In your case I would recommend the use of both concentrate in amounts 3 times daily 2-3 capsules Reishi + 2-3 capsules Coriolus versicolor. Both mushrooms (Reishi mushroom and versicolor) are otherwise harmless, can be safely taken in higher quantities, but larger doses do not provide proportional benefit.

Regarding ginseng , one in cancer patients has a considerable health benefits and certainly I would recommended it to order, best quality ginseng 6-year-old , and used together with wolfberry (goji) . I do not know exactly your medical situation, so I do not know exactly what you are and not saving, but in any case ginseng ability to multiply your body's immune system to regenerate and repair the damage after chemotherapy and radiotherapy . Recommended dosage of ginseng for your case is 4-10 grams per day (2-5 slices of ginseng Liang) in the form of decoction , many SNES.

Ginseng has certain anti-cancer effects , but they do not occur at all times and are poorly understood. By hammer, which in many cancers tend to reduce the adverse developments are mainly those mushrooms.

I give you also a link to my explanation of the difference in concentration of Reishi mushroom (this is one doctor to answer, who are interested in Reishi ).


| 1.9.2010

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