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Ginseng against stress, depression and fatigue?

Hello, I really like your site on adaptogens ... I would like to try ginseng, as supposedly the most powerful adaptogen in nature ... I would like to carry prevent stress rather slight depression, insomnia and fatigue - among other things, caused by stress at work and all ... ginseng I have already tried once a short time in the form of tea, but I felt no effect - perhaps poor preparation ... I am a supporter of natural products, I tried yamagumbu, Sceletium, goji, mummies and more. I would like to ask what kind of ginseng you recommend? And what do you think of the above "drugs"? Please only reply to my mail, or publication without names. Thank you

Hello. The answer, without publication of names is not a problem. But the answers are placed online in the section questions with regard to other candidates who may have a similar problem.

The specific points of your letter:

Yes, ginseng is a model adaptogen . Other herbal adaptogens are sometimes incorrectly referred to as "ginseng" . It is preferable to simply say adaptogen. The effect of ideal adaptogen should be an extension of the range of stress adaptation and adaptive capacity. In healthy individuals unencumbered by adaptogen not induce physiological changes in either direction. In practice, it is possible to approximate this ideal only.

Stress, depression, fatigue ...

To stress, depression and fatigue ginseng can greatly recommended. But not everyone takes, and not everyone needs it. It will also emphasize the practitioners of TCM . Under the stress of the day today it usually means mental stress . Chronic stress (allostatic load) goes hand in hand with depression and fatigue . They also have a common cause of elevated levels of interleukin (immune hormone) forcing a man to behave as if he was sick.

To test the ginseng, you must take in sufficient quantities and must learn to observe their own mind. Insomnia , which also speak, may be related to stress and poor daily rhythm. Insomnia may be a hint that it is time to not only take ginseng, but also two-week vacation, during which their daily rhythm and diet properly compare .

Other drugs

Interest in natural remedies as you acknowledges the rational step, certainly not necessary to write a "drug" in quotation marks. "Yamagumbou" you mean perhaps yarsagumbu? Yarsagumba is the local name for the natural Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), TCM named Sia tong cong cao ( "worm in the summer, in winter herb"). Collects in Nepal grown difficult because parasitical exclusively on hosenkách hrotnokřídleců. Cordyceps rarely grows in our country. Cordyceps is terribly expensive. It can not be tested - subjective barely feel. It is long-term use in small doses, preferably under the guidance of TCM healer. If your Cordyceps is not terribly expensive (and growing), it is not true, or is it in the product vanishingly small.

Sceletium tortuosum is a herb that I never knew. Maybe you take it to improve mental state has also chosen correctly. Goji can be clearly recommended as Mumio or mumijo I am forced to consider the current level of knowledge rather superstition. It's subfosil vývržek oily rock from the stomach of birds, mixed with dust and dirt from around the nest. I'm not saying that its effectiveness is excluded - far from it - just to say that vendors mumija lack confidence and almost without exception only snows and each copy of similar drivel themselves.

And finally, the type of ginseng will recommend a quality six-year red ginseng , radix ginseng rubra panacis, at a dose of 6 g daily for 10 days. If you feel a positive effect, as otherwise you are just a healthy person to a large group of those who need ginseng, for which I congratulate you and the potentially even say goodbye.


| 28.6.2012

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