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Ginseng on omezní appetite?

Hello! Consult me where it is possible to buy ginseng root on the Chinese tea. I would like him to try to reduce appetite. I work in Prague, otherwise I'm from South Moravia. Thank you for answer. Health H.

Dear Mrs. H.,

the question of where to buy quality, yet affordable, ginseng and other adaptogens I get quite often. That's why I gave her answers on a separate page (see. The link above).

Ginseng and weight loss

Ginseng (Panax ginseng actually reduces blood sugar and act on PPAR receptors , which is suitable for athletes and diabetics . An article about the interaction of ginseng with overweight is not yet completely write-up, but the management of overweight has several levels and one of them is maintaining a good mood and treatment pain . ginseng ginsenoside Rb 1 has anxiolytic properties, thus counteracting anxiety and hence the depression . Several other ginsenosides has analgesic , or rather anti-inflammatory effects . So in this respect, ginseng helps. on the other hand, if ginseng improves your health may it also show improvement in appetite, as if maybe someone stops smoking and his health improves. Ginseng is an adaptogen and not anorectic in the true sense of the word.

The weight loss in general

The effective treatment of overweight you have to meet many other assumptions and rules . Like to eat breakfast, eat 4 hours before bedtime, sleeping in a piece of 8 hours a day to weigh etc. The worst thing is that she did not exactly know what the rules are . As I wrote, our accounting system for energy intake is very smart and tenacious. Neither thin people do not last voluntary fasting. The fitness center will meet a lot of thin people who suffer the opposite problem - their control system will not allow them to gain weight. There are even individual differences. When someone will break the control mechanism may lead to diseases such as anorexia, etc. bulrexie, psychiatrists know it. Simply the most important rule is to never stop. You will certainly have temporary successes and failures. Indeed there exists a mechanism that takes your will powers when your free activity leads to something that evaluates autonomic centers such as self harm. In this case especially, do not close your eyes, do not ramble lethargy, still cherish and see as well as negative developments than to stop it again. In this period, do not ever not be limited to food, but follow the rule weighting. When you persevere long time with eyes open (ie., Looking at the face in the morning weighing), you're assured that your efforts will be as successful as it is only in the design of your hypothalamic hunger and satiety centers possible.


| 4.11.2010

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