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Ginseng to increase fertility?

... Ginseng healer recommended to me (Chinese medicine), respectively. husband recommended it to increase fertility. I wonder what you as an expert opinion on ginseng vials, which are sold in pharmacies. Is the "strength" or similar ginseng is better to choose sliced root - for tea? Well, probably it will be combined. The husband has been out of Chinese Medicine to complement zinc and calcium, iron I fill up again (and more important) and I believe that we will see the longed-for little children :) ... Michael from Brno

Dear Michael, with a dismissive gesture, I thank you for the designation of an expert, which I'm not - it would have to be an expert on too many things. I am a generalist at best. Information provided are not intended for self-medication. Diagnosis and treatment must be determined by a physician, who is in an ideal situation in the pharmacology of herbs knows perfectly well as in industrial medicines. Physicians with knowledge of medicinal plants and TCM actually exist, try to find such. So I went to their own answers, first you ask ginseng and increase fertility.

Increased libido, potency and fertility is a traditional indication of ginseng

Ginseng increases the potency by at least two independent mechanisms of action . Its content substances increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and thereby act on the same biochemical cascade as sildenafil (Viagra =) - reduce pressure and enhance an erection . Its content substances also applied to several types of brain receptors , which manifests itself, for example by improving libido. On improving sexual function, ginseng is recommended especially for men, but it is also part of the combination, for example, made by the world-renowned American Ethnobotany Dr. Duke to improve female sexual disposition . Slightly bigger problem than potency of fertility. Increasing libido and ejaculate volume ginseng certainly contributes to fertility , but it is not omnipotent. If the husband has little of vital sperm can not expect a miracle. The problem may be on your side. Inflammation, endometriosis, or even antibodies against sperm with a little effort reveals a female doctor, whom you probably already visited. Gynecologist will also show the optimum days for fertilization. For successful fertilization it is also important and physiology of sexual intercourse.

For fertility is important sided orgasm

Sperm cells do have the whip, but swimming long distances does not indicate to them - a strong double-sided orgasm is what helps them to overcome the distance to the egg. It is important that the sexual partner was a person who is attractive and exciting. Only when a man is horny, releases his testicles and glands supportive sufficient amount spermatozoon and seminal fluid that neutralizes the acidic pH of the vagina and Pierce nonspecific immunity genital tract. Sufficient volume is also a prerequisite for successful VSAT semen into the uterus during contractions antiperistaltických surrounding the female orgasm, which should follow shortly after the man's ejaculation. Woman must also be a partner horny - just a proper blood supply is its institutions and dissolve mucous plug that normally clogs the uterine cervix. To successfully fertilize an egg is not enough one of your sperm, egg because her lone accept. There must reach hundreds - are therefore important volumes, timing and strength of orgasm for both partners.

We can enhance sexual arousal?

Intense horniness can be difficult to achieve in a marriage, because long-term partner is good in all written in the memory center of the brain (hippocampus), the output path does not stimulate enough therefore feel addicted to lust outpouring of dopamine neurons tegmental area of the midbrain . It is therefore better in relation to maintain a certain mystery that of the partner retains a sense of novelty and interest. This answer would be too long if I were here expanded io substances performers on the dopamine system in the brain (and thus enhancing the sexual experience), which are not only harmful drugs such as ecstasy and methamphetamine , but also some adaptogens. Additionally, the pharmacology of dopamine actually do not understand: Adaptogens such as Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola rosea) , and ginseng acts on dopamine opposite of addictive drugs (which I know from literature), but also improve sexual features (which I know from experience) ...

What to say about female arousal? I know a lot of literature, but my lack of practical experience. Even if the parties agree with experiment, it is difficult to evaluate the results. Animal these experiments nobody has done before. I can only once again return to Dr. Duke and his combination of support female lust: Ginseng, děhel Chinese (Angelica sinensis - dong quai) , the Mexican plant Turnera diffusa (Damiana), epimedium grandiflora (Epimedium grandiflorum - yin-yang-huo) , fenugreek fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) and ginger (Zingiber officinale) . Ginger is used best young and fresh. Fenugreek is our oficinální (Trigonellae foenugraeci seeds), epimedium and děhel are herbs in TCM . (He is actually with us oficinální and the like ginseng ginseng radix alba, which simply says Czech Pharmacopoeia ginseng radix.)

Importance of solid dosage forms in herbalism and TCM

The second part of your question: Ginseng capsules and vials versus the entire root. I would begin by dosage forms such as dragees, capsules, ampoules, tinctures, etc. represent a higher degree of processing of natural material. For drug-processed medicinal plants should allow more accurate dosing or sometimes better protection of content. Pharmaceutical facilitates storage and use and gives the possibility to mask any flavor or taste of inappropriate drugs.

But: A higher degree of processing and masking of taste and smell is not always better. Sometimes it's the same difference as between strawberries and fresh strawberries at any higher level of processing, the capsules or "garlic" and toast with butter and freshly peeled garlic clove real. A higher degree of dilution also makes it difficult to identify original materials and facilitates forgery. Chinese doctor's surgery to wander drugs throughout, nerozmělněném and up there with only dusted, mixed according to individual recipes for each patient separately and packaged at the packing machine into vials or bags directly in the eyes of the patient. Therefore, also in countries like Taiwan, where the surgery TCM as popular as MD. medicine, there is no dichotomy for / against ampulkám - patients are the daily witnesses of how the vials are manufactured from raw materials, and trust must be a physician, who chooses.

Red ginseng is itself actually a dosage form

If we focus specifically on the solid forms of ginseng and red ginseng (ginseng radix rubra) does not indicate an early dusting too. Red ginseng, dry glassy hard and resistant to oxidation and infestation, in fact he himself can be considered a kind of pharmaceutical form, far more durable and more concentrated than dried ginseng (or white ginseng radix alba). In doing so, we can still see how big was the root of tree rings and how many he had . According to the quarry, smell and taste, we can even roughly estimate the content of saponins (which with quality drugs make up 20% of the dry weight).

Honest ginseng capsules have their advantages and disadvantages

Ginseng capsules / pills for a reason, for example, we do not want to cook ginseng or chewed, or when it is part of a powder mixture of herbs for specific applications. The disadvantages include the difficulty of assessing the quality of the content. Another problem is that the size of the capsules / tablets are small, while ginseng and other herbs are typically consumed in gram quantities. To increase libido would be required daily consumption of dozens of vials or tablets ginseng. This problem is generally solved in TCM by powder coated Pot herbal mixture into quite a large bag, which represent a single dose and after opening washed down with warm water.

"Ginseng" foods and beverages are generally ineffective

Contrary to the honest formulations of ginseng worth tens ineffective "ginseng" snacks, confectionary, beverages ... Do not get them from the real ginseng discouraged.


What to say in conclusion? Perhaps only that even the zinc, calcium and iron are (at least in the opinion of my former head of the Department of Physiology University) adequately represented in the very luxurious diet, and even apply to them, it is better to obtain from normal food (try the quality cheeses) than from pills. And something else - if the child will be loitering, no need to delay the consideration, if you, your beliefs allows or does not allow artificial insemination.


| 5.11.2008

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