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I can not cook ginseng

Hello, I am interested in ginseng. I can not cook it, however, and so I want to ask whether it can be eaten without cooking? This is not about that, because it is very hard. If it is possible, I wonder if this form is more effective than steeping in hot water?


Red ginseng, even though (or rather because of) the traditional product, has properties optimized in several ways. Not only is it very durable and efficient, but is moreover easily soluble. Preparation of ginseng extract solution is easier than in the past. Sophisticated users have discovered that the leachate from red ginseng and other additives (wolfberry, cicimku, ginger, ...) may, instead of a long cooking prepared in a thermos simply by pouring hot water and leaching should overnight. This method I learned from them and I and it works perfectly.

Even so, of course, there are situations in which ginseng can not cook

In this case, it appears as another good characteristic red ginseng that the slicing state it can suck. I do not want to say "chew" because initially it is very hard, but in the mouth begins to soften and soon after a very long time will soften and dissolve completely. This method can be used eg. If you are in a hurry in the morning before an important business trip or a long route when driving a car, etc. From a rational point of view, thus ingested ginseng (sucking) as effective or even more effective as well as ginseng leached in hot water. In terms of magic TCM, which prides itself on a balance of hot (yang) and cold (yin), it is important that the ginseng cooking and drinking warm. As a scientist, this (and in general the Chinese obsession with a hot meal on the table) are interpreted primarily as an effort to make sure that the water was boiled, deep reasons which relate to the endless plains Chinese, paddy, ground water and dysentery. In other words, do not bother.


| 28.6.2012

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