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Idiopathic jaw pain

Dear Sir, I am writing to you with the following supplication. I try my problems described briefly. Thank you in advance for expressing your opinion, much appreciate it.

Before 2.5 years ago I suffered a left middle ear inflammation, the treatment was longer, he still remained tinnitus head. Roughly six months later I started having back teeth ache left upper jaw-without finding one of them goes dead and then pulled out. Then the pain subsided and after another half year started in the right upper jaw, lower jaw left and right, this is the back teeth. All the seals were replaced, torn moudráky, nowhere finding or inflammation. Again he tried (the other dentist) deaden a tooth, but again, followed by extraction. Thus, anesthesia of the tooth is not the solution. Pain is variable, for 2 years everyday, I sleep at night. By day, sometimes stronger, sometimes weak, and stops for a moment and moved from place to place at the rear teeth. I have had a neurological examination magnetic resonance imaging - trigeminal nerve was not confirmed, the finding is not different, the results of blood ok, according to the ENT is not possible due to inflammation of the left ear showed such problems at both sides. Nobody has yet been able to help, I do not know the cause and desperate. I'm 32 years old and it is psychologically demanding. I tried homeopathy, herbs, tinctures, neurological drugs and antidepressants, I'm not going to try not to ingest. Neither healer came to the cause of my problems, I got mostly vitamins, lecithin, etc. One gentleman told me that the problem may be in the cervical spine or thyroid - blood tests, and ultrasound are normal. I go for massages and also has master who scored spine unlocked. Thank you for your opinion, time and everything. Hello B.

Dear Mrs. B.,

chances are that you successfully advise is small. I have to be clairvoyant, I dared to remotely Council topping the unsuccessful curative efforts which you have been through. It is in the White Carpathians better candidate. They know the herbs and folk lines. These latter are still better than homeopathy because its magical nature at least they do not hide behind a false science, so that they, unlike homeopathy does not have to deal with the association Sisyphus . 48.950984 degrees north latitude, 17.895546 ° east longitude, ask the name of Genoveva. This is not to reduce homeopathy is basically instant version of traditional magic and we owe her for the memory of water hypothesis ( Poitevin2008cmm , Teixeira2007cwp ) and magic hypothesis nonlocal quantum correlations ( Milgrom2008ngd ).

I do not know anything

I myself have only some knowledge of the (lower) physiology and because the family some knowledge of medical backstage, so I'm not surprised that your toothache was not inflammatory origin , or diagnostic and therapeutic confusion, you've gone through. As we now explain, that my answer does not in any case of medical diagnosis or prescription treatments, but only lay a private opinion, so I can close my eyes and start guessing. First, I stood behind the idea that idiopathic fluctuating pain back teeth, which sufferers are nervous origin and probably related to a history of otitis media, although to your otorinolaryngolog think otherwise. This suggests that even your tinnitus, which, as I wrote in another reply, it is not advisable to ignore as trivial symptom . Tinnitus can be a matter of pure ear, but may also indicate that within the brain something is wrong . And it's also everything you of your pain, I tell you with certainty, because what exactly is wrong there God only knows. (This refers specifically god Asclepius, he added, might Zdenek Kratochvil. )


Let's say that otitis media was bacterial. "The treatment was longer ..." = resistant bacteria? Combination with viruses? The problem with immunity? Maybe they were treated with second-line antibiotics. Amoxicillin with clavulanate? Ciprofloxacin? Finally, probably the lion's share of work well done your own immune system . "The treatment was longer ..." = those microbes have had a scourge proceeded around the middle ear, perhaps even deeper. Whether you found into the brain or not, microglia was certainly alert. It certainly did not help neurons. You could damage the brain and antibiotics - in the job description it is necessary that ciprofloxacin. It's nice that magnetic resonance imaging found nothing - at least you know that it is not more tumor or abscess. (If, however, overlooked it.) Problems at the molecular level in any case reveal tomography. Your immune system is perhaps due to inflammation entered conscience began to work harder and harassed by neurons. And end-all, you can have otorinolaryngolog truth and pain associated with previous inflammation or may not - it may be completely independent of the disease process. An important finding would be if the pain over time better or worse - one-time damage would be improved, ongoing disease process will be rather worse. From your query it is not entirely clear. Otitis media before you have had 2.5 years ago, the first pain occurred after six months, the pain subsided and another appeared after the next six months? That leaves us with 1.5 years, but you write that the pains are "everyday for 2 years." This is numerically a little fit. It's probably rather worse.


Cyclooxygenase inhibitors (aspirin, ibuprofen, aspirin) , you have certainly already tried, probably do not work. If you do not take, do not take them unnecessarily. Furthermore, you have tried "herbs, tinctures, neurological drugs" - it is wide definition. What else do you mean by the term anti-depressants ? Perhaps you tried something on serotonergic. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors? GABA agonists, a favorite sleeping pills? Or opiates, which apparently worked, such as Alnagon? Codeine from Alnagon in the body slowly turns into morphine and chronic pain replaces chronic morfinismem. I know exactly what you mean when you say that it is "not going to try not to use." I've also had the sort who would rather endure pain year, than to go to the doctor :-). You probably already waiting for, when they will recommend ginseng - yes, try quality 6-year-old ginseng as well as trying everything else. Maybe it takes. Your pain is persistent, but with the ginseng miracles sometimes happen. Its neuroprotective and central analgesic effect , I have partly described. Ginseng also helps mitigate the negative effects of long-term opioid use , if you do them just decided. While you píšte that "herbs and tinctures" you tried - but the recommended herbs for pain is a huge amount! Only the registry is a traditional Chinese medicine herbs against various pain of at least fifty! Almost all kinds of diseases sooner or later cause pain. Most herbs "painkiller", whether Central or foreign, in fact itself does not block pain, but treat a specific disease. In your case, but the pain seems to be nervous and, moreover, central, so that none of these specific herbs will not help you.

A shot from the hip - herbs against migraine

Closest targets seem to be herbs against migraine. I know that you are on the right migraine probably not, but no better recommendation is of little importance. Your idiopathic jaw pain is not in the list of diseases and it is difficult for her to do such a search, what did I need to query for gastroesophageal reflux . Using your intuition from the statement unequivocally Medline database (For the reader without a sense of humor: I joke.) I choose the publication Hibino2008gtj on traditional herbal means for migraine. The publication comes from the honest Japanese (Japanese herbal medicine Kampo is an offshoot TCM), and the Look, both described herbal mixtures for migraine include ginseng. This simple blend (ie. "Gošujuto") in addition to ginseng (2 parts) also contains jujube (Ziziphus zizyphus, 4 parts) , ginger (1.5 parts) and fetus Tetradium ruticarpum (3 parts). Ginger you buy young, thin slices strouhejte or strings, I do not know where to get Tetradium. The mixture is prepared as a broth (about ½ hour) in enough water. And second, more complex Japanese mixture (ie. Čotosan or kotosan) contains ginseng (2 parts) and ginger (1 part), except for them but also numerous other drugs: Uncaria rhynchophylla (3 parts), peel the fruit lemon (mandarin) unšiu (Citrus unshiu, citrate unshiu pericarpium, 3 parts), pinelie trifoliate (Pinellia ternata, 3 parts), sedoulek Japanese (Ophiopogon japonicus, 3 parts) , pornatka coconut (Poria cocos, recently Wolfiporia extenso, 3 parts), Saposhnikovia divarcata (2 parts) , Zlaten morušolistá (Chrysanthemum morifolium, 2 parts), and Chinese licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis, 1 part). The Japanese magazine whose name I unfortunately forgot to indicate that the success of this combination is headaches 80%, sleep disorders 60% and essential hypertension 35%.

practical options

If you wanted to test these compounds in practice, you will probably have a problem to prepare. Chinese licorice perhaps can replace our bald liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), mandarin zest fetus in distress unšiu would replace any chemically untreated citrus peel. But even with a perfect mixture prepared as prescribed could result in your case is not guaranteed. So try the first ginseng, 5 grams daily in the form of stock, to 3 fruits cicimku and 3 grams finely chopped or grated ginger. Put ¾ liter of water to boil about 30 minutes, drink warm for 20 days. The vascular tissue and long-term effects of ginseng, although must wait months, but in your case within 20 days should be clear whether the ginseng mixture has or has not a chance to relieve your pain. Furthermore, in your case I would try royal jelly - it just had that your pain was caused by necrosis regenerative neurons. Royal moneybox lately attributed to a strong effect on the regeneration of CNS neurons.


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