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Preparations for potency - experience Amante

Hello, I would like to ask which product you have tried to erect, which you refer. I bought Amante and I was disappointed, it was completely without effect. Thank you, mz

if you look at the page you surely known herbal remedies for erection , you will see that you mentioned Amante has several herbal ingredients. These herbal ingredients have a real effect on improving erections , but the ineffectiveness of the product is given to their small amount.

For example, ginseng , which has a good efficiency to eat in gram quantities , there is present in an amount of 150 mg / capsule - more with him there simply will not fit. Try to increase this dose hundredfold, ie. To 15 grams of red ginseng 6-year / day, and after 3 days you will see what will happen. ( I have not personally tested. )

Similarly, other herbs ( Rhodiola rosea , tribulus terrestris , eleutherocok , Schizandra ...) are Amante contained in very small quantities. The reason probably is not malevolence manufacturer - on the contrary, Amante is very well arranged combination - but the smallness of the capsule. And they do not even have the right to tell you that you enjoyed it in the proper doses. Overdose in these herbal supplements no danger, but they were legislated deliberately incorporated under the laws of the vitamins and minerals for which the danger of overdose.

Once again, almost all the products mentioned on my site "natural cures for erection" contain well prepared, effective combinations - just require a much higher dosage. So I would advise you to ginseng and other herbs separately and got even with the use of natural product-which to erect them, "podstrojoval". Very likely, you'll get change.


| 19.5.2013

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