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Reactive arthritis due to pulmonary chlamydia

Hello, I got my hands on a lot of articles on natural medicine and I have decided that I will write to you and ask for advice. They have found Chlamydia and do mischief in the joints. How to face them when antibiotics do not help? Can you advise?

Regards, Petr

Hello. I'm glad to get back to questions - due to unforeseen circumstances, I most inquiries recently been able to answer. You can inform your that:

  1. You are a man.
  2. Do they suffer from reactive arthritis , which is apparently the cause chlamydiosis.

You are not the first who asks for chlamydiosis. Chlamydiosis is difficult to treat. It's like oral streptococci, Eppstein-Barr virus, or fungus in the 3rd and 4th meziprstním foot area - very common and usually poorly virulent. But if we catch the wrong tribe, or have immune problems , we have a problem. Chlamydioses that do not want to downplay. Her problem is that a parasite has what fight. Its prevalence is far from 100%, thereby causing problems frequently than papillomavirus or follicle fat.

For you first-line antibiotics did not work. After his father nature should now ideally wanted to be pulled out with a novel antibacterial agent. Unfortunately, it will not work. Not that there - we just do not know. Everything I know, I'm in cases like yours wrote in a separate article on chlamydiosis and its natural treatment . Once again, by clicking on the link in the previous sentence, you will see everything I can about the natural treatments for chlamydia say.

The parasite Chlamydia trachomatis, as you know, dwells inside cells and therefore is heavily destructible. However, if he still managed to remove it, we could focus on reactive arthritis . For this purpose there are effective adaptogens. But until you get rid of the infection does not mean much to you within the palliative treatment of painful joints suppressed immunity conventional analgesics, such as corticosteroids, and inhibitors of cyclooxygenase.

And finally: Excuse the doctor. It is in exactly the same situation - naughty Chlamydia is a medical problem. Poor treatment outcome for chlamydiosis does not mean it is bad even by the attending physician. If there are to change it for other reasons, so without regardless of treatment outcome you should continue to follow his instructions and consult him also before any experiments with natural treatments.


Thank you for your answer. In reply, I have found that Chlamydia and critters angry with me on the soles of the feet have described another type of Chlamydia. I have a lung and not sexual. Is there a difference? Possibility of natural treatments?
Thank you Peter

The difference in it. Pulmonary Chlamydia is a different kind (Chlamydia pneumoniae). But there is also a lot of similarities with Chlamydia trachomatis. For that, I admitted that chlamydia no extra efficient natural lash know. Now I will answer again in light of what new writing, but I tried to predict whether these information from your side will further modify and augment. The exact answer must provide accurate information. That is why always repeat that the council remotely is informational only and only your doctor that you see in front of him in the office has the right to decide about treatment.

Short addition to pulmonary Chlamydia

Pulmonary Chlamydia is less researched than chlamydia sex. Additionally, I specialize in adaptogens and they are generally not used to treat pneumonia and other infectious diseases. However, he has you already tried in the previous answer in the literature traced herbs with potential antibiotic effect for chlamydia. That, as I've said in the article about genital chlamydia , paid in part for chlamydia lung, except that you ignore Parsley, couch grass and other herbs only diuretic, whose main objective is chlamydia at sexual flush the urinary tract. With your new information is therefore no new natural antibiotics do not give. I will add, but the combination Koptiš Chinese (Coptis chinensis) Sisak Baikal (Scutellaria baicalensis), Amur cork trees (Phellodendron amurense) jazmínovité and gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides). This combination of TCM (ie. Chuang-lien Tie-here, ????, Eng. Transliteration Huang Lian Jie Du, quantitatively coptidis rhizoma 9 grams, 6 grams scutellariae radix 6g phellodendri cortex, 6-12 g gardeniae fructus paste into 1 liter water simmer evaporation to about 1/3 of the water) has a traditional application for pneumonia and even urinary tract infections. Liu2009ihj this combination presents a potentially effective for suppressing side effects of pulmonary chlamydia. This single study alone would mean little if the course was not based on traditional therapeutic recommendations TCM. The information you provide as a biologist, but does not specify the precise dosage and is not used for medical purposes. For the treatment of chronic infectious diseases TCM methods will need to visit a healer (preferably MD. Physician) knowledgeable TCM, which will give you exact instructions for use with regard to your individual health status.



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