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The politics of pharmaceutical companies

Hello, after a few years I was chasing after website (, which I helped my time. And they are already historic :-). In the morning I put two teaspoons of my own extract eleutherokoku, Brahmi, Tulsi and knotweed mnohokvětého. I suggest you look after plants Phylantum amarus and Mitragyna speciosa. That first appointment to the Czech Republic one imported, the other EU gradually prohibited. Pharmacists can then create a monopoly and we just got in poorer cognition. Greeting rm

Pages are now historic, because I was committed to them historic mistake - as Mr. Brechman once, and I assumed that the composition and relative effects of ginseng and Siberian ginseng are related. Nope! Both are effective, but completely different. I had to his disgrace arbitrarily extrapolate some scientific information on ginseng on eleutherocok. I promise that I no longer happen :) Ginseng (Panax ginseng)) and Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) , incorrectly referred to as " Siberian ginseng " not chemically nothing in common ( davydov2000es ), except that both are by Brekhmann adaptogens ( brekhman1969nsp ).

Furthermore, let me thank you for warning me before and you skidded for your insight into the global pharmaceutical policy. I dare use your comment as a pass for me to clarify a little this policy and other readers. Pharmaceutical companies, just like Coca Cola, is a historical successor to drug dealers - Coca Cola was originally a herbal drink without bubbles, but but containing cocaine. The original owner of the company was itself a victim of opium. Pharmaceutical companies began similarly, usually becoming wealthy by selling opium pills as a miracle cure, perhaps to tooth pain or syrup for a naughty baby, or something, like in the film melted and drained.

Heroin by Friedrich Bayer, founder of the pharmaceutical company Bayer Toothpaste with cocaine Opium syrup for pain relief for infants

It is not important what these "drugs" officially determined. People buy them as a drug and still had a good conscience that they are doing something good for your health. It is logical that vendors of this type of "cures" grew rich as possible. That there were no regulatory laws. Today, although these laws have, but serves only as a guard dog to confirm the original position of opium dealers.

After being in the 20th century sale of certain addictive substances prohibited mere mortals, the beverage industry was forced to switch to caffeine ( Dr. Caffeine ). Caffeine is less addictive, less harmful and less profitable substitute for cocaine and beverage industry as it now holds Caty devil. Pharmaceutical companies fared better, selling of drugs in a hidden form are still allowed. The clearest example is the GABA agonists, which should say booze in powder form. Sold as a "sedative" in fact, then induce intoxication by activating the receptor alcohol. Valium, Rohypnol, Valium, Zolpidem, it says something to someone? Cause physical dependence as strong as alcoholism, but come with a good conscience and less damaging to the liver in the calculation on dollar sales. They are legal, as well as alcohol, but unlike alcohol, can produce only a few manufacturers, so-called. Pharmaceutical companies. The aim of merging these companies into larger and larger units of production optimization is then, as officially declared, but the monopolization of the market with addiction.

It is estimated that a secret addiction to "sedatives" suffers from the "developed countries" to 10% of the population, especially women, who otherwise have against alcoholism social inhibitions. In the US it is dependent on sedatives approximately 30 million women. Other classes of addictive "drugs" at a different class of receptors, such Alnagon and clones acts on opioid receptors. So could continue. But it is not my purpose here to write a complete list of drug-Afraid. Calmly it might even be part of aspirin or aspirin , whose mechanism of action is technically very primitive. Modern pharmaceutical science gained a good reputation on antibiotics, but not Alnagon salvarsan even penicillin. These drugs do not cure anything, merely parasitic on the flanks of the human nervous system. This is something that key people in the pharmaceutical mega-know well - still remember what earned his first money. And now imagine that we will come and you and offer the public a healthier alternative to GABA agonists in the form of Pacific plant Piper methysticum (kava kava also), or a healthier alternative in the form Alnagon plant Mitragyna speciosa, on which you are subscribed to my attention. And then comes Jim Duke ( Duke's Phytochemical Database ) and explain to people that the herbal treatment leads to a deadly disaster with probability 1 to a million, while "normal" drugs dies must be in the US due to incorrect dosing of about 1 person in 2000. This would not. That must not happen. Pharmaceutical companies today are not interested in it to get to market new drugs, if managers are not absolutely sure that it will be a "blockbuster" exclusively just for them. Approval process and clinical testing of drugs is very expensive, as it does with all steal forgiveness. Everything is set up so that it can not stand anything that would be under monopoly control.

As for the other plants you mention, Phyllanthus amarus plant Mitragyna speciosa, and I did not know, but you did not warn me about them. Thank you. The effectiveness of knotweed mnohokvětého, holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) and Monier plants Bacopa (Brahmi) well know, even though I myself have never tried. Meet the definition of adaptogen and certainly would deserve mention in my list of interesting herbs. Alone currently trying plant Momordica cochinchinensis (sweet pumpkin), which contains natural caloric sweetener, like licorice or Stevia rebaudiana.


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| 25.11.2009

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