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The problem with erection due to drug use?

Hello, I'm 26 and I have pretty big problems with erection , thanks to his lifestyle in his youth (problems with alcohol, sometimes lighter drugs), 5 years of abstinence, but my private life suffers from my inability to satisfy your partner, thanks to a very weak or no erection. I have tried various OTC supplements like Clavin, Mac, etc., but without success, according to what I was looking on the web would help we had right Ginseng. Should I request to you, could you tell me in what doses, as modified ginseng should I take and what type of ginseng should I buy? If you have time and mood to answer and advise me, I will be grateful. Sincerely Lada.

Hello, Lada,

u ginseng was found positive effect on erection, the intensity of sexual arousal and fertility . Improved erections after ginseng started slowly, but it is long and it feels most men who have ginseng in the appropriate dose to try. At the intercourse act positively and mental activation , which brings ginseng. Finally, ginseng has neuroprotective effects and reduces brain damage caused by alcohol and drugs .

Regarding your specific case, this is interesting I would say to exceptional. What are the problems with alcohol I know the rails in Prague, I once had an opportunity to watch the development of several cases closely. The moment you are forced to admit to himself that you have a problem with alcohol, so you really have. The students that I knew a long time to admit it did not want. If you really abstaining five years, so congratulations to you. It shows your ability to discipline and despite the obstacles move forward. The cases that I knew, with alcohol, despite his intelligence in the monitored period were not able to stop.

Your young age and your failed test preparations Clavin (= Chinese herb epimedium swept, Epimedium ) and "Mac" (= watercress Peru, Lepidium meyenii) tell me that you might not even so will not be a problem with the male members themselves, as is the case older men. Epimedium grandiflorum is known and effective herb in traditional Chinese medicine, which Clavin-sellers for both Peter denying Christ. Peruvian cress I still did not produce, but I guess that there will be a problem in the dosage. Another situation would be in an Andean Indian who eats lunch on 250-gram Peruvian tuber watercress as an attachment, the other for you to try 250mg capsule "Mac" from Nature's Bounty. For ginseng products, the situation is exactly the same - 250 or 500 mg tablets do not contain enough panaxosidů to produce significant effects. Sometimes I do not understand what manufacturers selling such products monitored .

Do not write if you were with your erection problems with a doctor. Typing, if you tried Viagra . If you do not take normal preparations, the cause of your problems with erection can be in the intensity of sexual arousal or excitement in the transfer of spinal pathways to the penis. It can be caused genetically, or it may be related to the use of "mild drugs" if you mean besides harmless hemp and amphetamines (methamphetamine, ecstasy, etc.). They said they can impair the function of the years předrážděných monoaminergic brain pathways that are responsible among others and sexual arousal and erection. Amphetamines weaken mesolimbic and mesocortical dopaminergic pathway whose activity is necessary to suppress boredom. The brain considered "boring" any situation in which the mesolimbic / mesocortical quiet lane. This normally occurs when something too familiar, and the signal from the memory center (hippocampus) suppresses the activity of the ventral tegmental area ( lisman2005hlc ), from which mesocortical and mesolimbic pathway based. But if you track burn mesocortical amphetamines, then your brain will experience anhedonia - boring, you will feel everything, even what is not boring, including a nice sexual partners. This is the exact opposite and tax for the feelings caused by amphetamine, which we find interesting things, including a very ordinary situations.

Unlike many other products, "erection" ginseng not only enhances the cascade of nitric oxide in blood vessels of penis , but also enhances sexual arousal and psychological condition. According to my knowledge of mechanisms of action would also have to add the effect of ginseng with Epimedium grandiflorum plant itself and Viagra (Peruvian cress effect I have not yet done so). In your case, I would recommend taking a 6-year old ginseng at a dose of about 5 grams a day for at least a week ( more on the use and dosage of ginseng there ). Erections should improve as early as the next day and full effect should appear at the end of the test week. 5 g dose is high enough to know if ginseng or in your case takes an unusual and a week is sufficient time to the specific effect of ginseng on erection reviewed. If you or ginseng did not take, do not despair. According to the latest discoveries is the regenerative ability of the brain larger than once thought. When you have a healthy lifestyle even after severe damage to a good chance of recovery.


| 1.3.2010

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