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Traditional Chinese medicine eyes dissenters

Many of adaptogens, including model adaptogens - ginseng (Panax ginseng) - owes its discovery Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Study adaptogens but represents only a scientific perspective, which is the branch of TCM is no way interchangeable.

TCM medicine is not scientific discipline

Warning: This statement is not intended as a slur. The medicine TCM I have a deep respect, though as a scientist, I regard TCM dissenters. Medicine TCM is a special field, something like a doctorate in alchemy. Difficulty studios Medicine TCM is fully aligned title MD., But TCM is based on the scientific method, but upon learning of yin and yang, a sort of Chinese Kabbalah. TCM Therefore, from the perspective of science lies in one bag along with astrology, Carpathian seer and ThDr. Zdenek Kratochvil, Dr. (Note .: Wobenzym I have a list of non-scientific methods to get dirty - my mistake was negligent studying literature.)

TCM and scientific medicine not talking only consult you over her shoulder and okoukávají methods of competition. These two fields are not mixed even if it is united in one individual in the form of a double doctorate MD. + TCM. Such physicians are in Asia to find the best hospitals, which tend to charge special department ordinující herbs and traditional methods of health insurance. From a formal point of view but it is similar, like a Catholic priest with the title of MD. in medical practice in addition dispenses anointing of the sick.

But: From the perspective of scientific medicine are plants TCM lege artis

From the perspective of our (= scientific) medicine TCM plants judged like any other plant. Their properties are examined clinically and experimentally, just as with all other drugs anticipated. TCM knowledge to be taken into account only as inspiration. To praise TCM can say that it is a reliable inspiration: For the vast majority of plants used to demonstrate the effectiveness of some of the indications referred TCM. It is important, however, that scientific medicine does not draw conclusions from TCM, but it is up to the scientific studies inspired TCM - hence the use of medicinal plants in TCM scientifically proven (or anticipated) ranks scope of the standard, rather than alternative methods of medicine. MD. doctors gradually beginning to understand - only those more fully occupied it needs a little more explaining.

For alternative methods of TCM is the most impressive

TCM is among alternative methods to those worthy and is the only one I wore strpím and searched. Different TCM clinic I visited many times and I am personally satisfied with the results. Otherwise, but for TCM pays what you are paying for alternative medicine in general: That view of it everyone must create itself. Science, these methods can not approve nor refute. If someone in the Czech lengths to find the right doctor of TCM and entrusted to his care, science has nothing to say. And from the human perspective, I had to say only that it has some little sense to choose a doctor for a magician, when we do not intend to follow their instructions carefully.

Summary: If you go to a doctor of TCM, follow his instructions and Pay no attention to what about medicinal plants TCM telling me or any other scientist :-)

| 24.5.2012