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Alternative cancer treatments

Some adaptogens and mushrooms are effective and underrated supporting preparations suitable for the treatment of cancer and their promotion on the web devoted In addition, but there are means ineffective, but promoted. In medicine, these inefficient methods more or less coincide with the meaning of the word "alternative".

Introduction: There is no easy cure for cancer

There are two main reasons why cancer is so difficult to treat :

  1. Cancer cells almost indistinguishable from normal cells - except that divide uncontrollably.
  2. In the course of life in our bodies are created and destroyed dozens of tumors. When it comes to the macroscopic malignancy, it means that our immune systems have their best chance to destroy cancer missed.

For these reasons, there is no reliable cure for cancer exists. Neither radical surgery or cytostatics or radiation, or immunostimulatory mushrooms or other adaptogens reliably cure cancer. Despair patients used by people offering ineffective pseudo-scientific methods.

Overview of alternative methods:

Pseudoscientific system of treatment and prevention of cancer is more and it is only natural: In the historical period when science finally has a monopoly on truth must also charlatans and those who had burned Giordano Bruno, dressed scientific garb. I am therefore of their existence do not want to offend too, so just in brief:

At the end of treatment system rather than pseudoscientific but completely unscientific:

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