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Medicines and funds for the erection

It seems that after the success of Viagra us today, every manufacturer offers its own version of a tablet erection . Let's look at some that are on the Czech market at present.

With the exception of the reference of Viagra is more or less random selection. I can not claim accuracy or completeness: Every year, resulting in new products and old disappear. I tried to understand their structure and mechanism of action, which was not always easy. Some manufacturers like composition not considered important. I found that most products on the erection is as active ingredients in medicinal plants. Among those truly effective include ginseng, epimedium, tribulus, muira puama, not entirely safe bujarník (yohimbe) and more ( about their effects on erection I write in more detail here ). The offered combinations are also medicinal plants support without direct afrodiziakálního effect. There are even some products that I consider to be less effective because their effects pharmacologically I can not imagine.

The problem with all of these products is the dosage. The dosage form is a capsule or tablet can hold only about 400 mg of herbal material, while the required quantities are calculated in grams. It is thus up to the user itself, to understand that these capsules / tablets must eat the appropriate amount, or combined with one component-type herbs ginseng. Fortunately potency is the health factor that men easily notice, so finding the correct dosage is not that complicated. For example, you can check out my instructions to the test dose of ginseng - among other herbs need to do likewise.

Overview of drugs for erection:

  • Viagra (sildenafil)

    Viagra (sildenafil)

    Phosphodiesterase inhibitors on NO cascade . In the area of pharmaceuticals improving erections on Viagra you can be regarded as a standard. If Viagra is used to the extent of side effects we do not have to worry as much as those of many other common drugs. I believe that none of the herbal combination does not reach the same speed and the effect is not as good as a single-quantifiable sildenafil. It is not essential that Viagra is synthetic and natural combination of natural - and nature is just chemistry. The advantage of herbs is different: they are evolutionarily accustomed to act in the long term, and (in the case of adaptogens) improve and other physiological parameters than just an erection. Without giving this topic in depth study, I would expect between Viagra and herbal tablets positive interaction (mutual reinforcement, synergy).

  • Levitra (vardenafil)

    Levitra (vardenafil)

    Clone Viagra. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors on NO cascade.

  • Cialis (tadalafil)

    Cialis (tadalafil)

    Clone Viagra. Again phosphodiesterase inhibitor in vascular NO cascade.

  • Amante


    Herbal tablet (capsule) Amante - active ingredients: Rhodiola rosea 150 mg, tribulus terrestris 150mg, ginseng 10mg, Siberian Ginseng 20mg, Chinese Schizandra 20mg, gingko 30mg, camellia sinensis 20mg. As everyone can see, this is a list of adaptogens. The main active ingredient should be no doubt a combination of ginseng (activates the production of NO) with Tribulus (works elsewhere in the erectile cascade of NO, some phosphodiesterase inhibitor such as Viagra ). The question is sufficient dosage. For example, consider tea at a dose of 20mg per tablet - ie in an amount corresponding to a single small leaf of green tea. But aside from having higher doses, it could say that preparation Amante is well assembled and in any event not a scam. Natural origin Amante says proudly, to achieve their precise composition is a bit more complicated.

  • ArginMax


    ArginMax good combination is assembled, like other natural combination to improve potency. ArginMax Forte Capsules for Men contains three main components: (a) of herbs ( ginkgo 11mg, schisandra 10mg, Tribulus 67mg, saffron 10mg), (b) an amino acid ( L-Arginine 500mg, 150mg L-citrulline) and (c) vitaminově- mineral (2mg lycopene, lutein 1mg, 15mg vitamin E, niacin 5mg, 85μg folate, vitamin B 12 2μg, selenium (sodium selenite x 5H 2 O) 17μg, zinc (ZnO 2) 1,4mg). Even though my subjective opinion on the amino acid component is rather negative (in my opinion little effect), the composition is an example of the pharmaceutical ArginMax skill and MD. Radim Uzel will not be ashamed to be the face of this product . I personally tend to preparations where the amino acid component is eliminated in favor of a greater quantity of herbs. Besides ArginMax men still exists ArginMax Forte for women, but its composition is almost the same, for example, there is a little less arginine plus 13mg of extract from leaves of grapevine (Vitis vinifera). I am unable to fathom how it is with ginseng in ArginMax Lists composition that I found no ginseng do not, on the other hand, just like on the at the time of my visit I wrote that ArgiMax for men contains and true ginseng and ginseng American , while ArginMax women should only contain true ginseng. Random source in English indicates the amount of 17mg P. ginseng and P. quinquefolius 17mg per capsule. Inclusion of the active substance of ginseng ArginMax would be a logical step, after this combination of ginseng directly calls. Those who tested ArginMax or other herbal tablets would recommend every extra dose demonstrated a slice of red ginseng root (ginseng radix rubra) .

  • Erectan


    Erectan offers herbal pills and amino acid preparation separately. This is considered a good step because the amino acid capsule before sex easily trumps serving of chicken soup and prawn salad. I should note that not quite understand why some manufacturers products on the erection admixed with a few milligrams of herbal extract hundreds of milligrams of arginine . My recommendation is not to buy the amino acid component, I would say that it is only for customers with a firm belief (although not rule out the possibility that I could be mistaken). In contrast Erectan Manlong is a herbal formulation that combines in a single capsule tribulus terrestris 220 mg, true ginseng 45mg, ginkgo 20mg and cinnamon Chinese 20mg. Notice two things:

    1. Again we returned combination of ginseng-tribulus.
    2. Other combinations of herbs are different from those Amante , even though it is a promising adaptogens (ginkgo, Chinese cinnamon).

    Erectan to his bylinnému composition proudly.

  • Liderin


    Liderin is a product that does not emphasize its natural origin. It is a mixture of arginine - that (as I've said many times) common dining amino acids - and proceeds from the bark of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster).

    It would be possible to Liderinu laugh, it's a mixture of turpentine and arginine in an amount ten times smaller (604,67mg) than those obtained by consuming an average steak. But it will not do. From the maritime pine tural it does not only turpentine, but also patented antioxidant extract Pycnogenol®. It is almost clear that the publication Strong2011fmp about the effectiveness of maritime pine extract, is paid by the producer, but I would not say that claims about the positive effect of the maritime pine on the blood vessels, inflammation , diabetes , menstrual problems may just be summarily sweep the table. Maritime pine can be interesting medicinal plant Liderin and therefore can be quite healthy.

    Pycnogenolu® amount in the tablet Liderinu is quite small - only 26,67mg, which is the herbal medicine suspiciously little. I do not why - courtesy of forgiveness - that would Liderin had a chance to be a wonderful means to improve erections. My personal bias is that most users in this sense fails. But that's just my opinion. It would probably beyond compare it with other maritime pine pines, especially with our knees, from which once manufactured and sold as a medicine "Kosodrevinová oil", which, as I find them in pharmacies still available.

  • Cupid


    Amor (from the same producer as Amante ?) Is a mixture of 114.3mg Arginine and herbs Siberian ginseng 19.3mg, yield watercress perunáské (maca) incorrectly referred to as Peruvian ginseng 101.2mg, Amazonian plants muira puama 68.4mg and Tribulus natural , 146.8mg. Missing ginseng, the main effective combination seems to be a mixture of Tribulus and Muira puama. I'm not sure if this product is still available because Muira puama is in the EU apparently as usual prohibited.

  • Perfect Performer

    Perfect Performer

    Another natural product was Perfect Performer, who had allegedly produced. (Žeby another victim ban muira puama ?)

  • Clavin


    Plant erection Clavin its natural origins and their sole active ingredient - plant epimedium arrow like - does not emphasize. Instead of "Clavin" should this tablet could easily appoint epimedium swept Ultra or something. The name epimedium is first wrapped in a business name effective mixture Clavertin. For CLAVIN therefore first become aware that contains a special galenic premixed Clavertin, and after that the mixture contains 20mg epimedium plus 5mg icarin, the most important active substances epimedium. Clavertin also contains roughly 300mg few substantial arginine .

  • Eregma Max Power

    Eregma Max Power

    Contents: 500 mg maca gelatinized (extract) 200mg arginine (L-arginine hydrochloride), 60mg extract of Tribulus natural , 60mg extract of ginseng , 35mg extract of milk thistle , 35mg extract, dandelion , 33.5mg vitamin E, 10 mg of extract of Ginkgo biloba , 8mg Smilax medical , 7,2mg zinc, coenzyme Q10 5 mg, 0.3 mg copper, selenium 0,02mg, magnesium stearate, polyvinylpyrrolidone, microcrystalline cellulose. Pleasing combination with 60mg 60mg Tribulus Ginseng can multiply nicely, but rather take a larger dose. Other herbs are also good, but there are still few, even if they are extracts. Slightly benefit as well as vitamins and minerals.

  • Erektin XXL

    Erektin XXL

    149,6mg combination of Tribulus , 22,3mg muira puama , 6,1mg ginseng , 4,4mg Milk Thistle , 9,8mg ginkgo and 8,6mg Q10. XXL Erektin he could say "Tribulus XXL". Of course it is just as L, for example in a capsule Erectanu is of Tribulus 220 mg, that is 1.47 times more than in Erektinu XL. Yes, Erektin XXL still contains 20 milligrams of muira puama, but 6mg ginseng, it is not enough. Even the tribulus should be consumed in quantities rather than milligram gram. Likewise, milk thistle and ginkgo. 9 mg of coenzyme Q10 benefit, but not fundamentally. Still, I would say that Erektin XXL will erect more potent than the Liderin .

  • Viamax Pure Power

    Viamax Pure Power

    Viamax Pure Power is an illustration of a combination of less common herbal ingredients in the indication of improved erections - it could get the necessary price for the originality of the composition. In Viamax Pure Power is found except Ceylon cinnamon (20mg), fenugreek (100mg), licorice, asparagus and watercress Peruvian (Lepidium meyenii) have 10 other plants, all in honest (per tablet) amounts 30-100mg ( effort saved me a pedant from Pink elephant ). Frankly, most of these herbs goes by me pharmacologically off target. Neither Kokotic Chinese (Cuscuta chinensis), despite its name, I do not believe that it improves erection. Breakpoint Cistanche salsa (related breakpoint desert, Cistanche deserticola) in the region erection traditional indication. I suspected for some time, it's also a superstition, but it turns out that the glycoside akteosid this breakpoint has androgenic effects. Even as a supporter of the herbs I have to lean toward the view that Viamax with reference Viagra can not compare, but this is not grounds for this benign combination senselessly persecute as "illegal" .

  • Tradamix


    Tradamix is more professionally acting preparation based on Tribulus gas from the Italian manufacturer . Tribulus is it combined with algae Ecklonia bicyclis and modified chitosan. Clinical studies demonstrating the manufacturer's effect is Iacono2012sat .

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