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Ginseng infusion (ginseng tea)

Ginseng tea is very pleasant and practical way of ginseng consumption, whether for familiarization with ginseng or for its regular use (see How to use ginseng) .

We need:

  • 3-5 ounces of water
  • sliced root best quality 6-year old ginseng
  • regular quantities favorite tea (eg. tea bag)

Amount of ginseng depends on the situation and individual needs. For daily use of ginseng is usually just 1 slice of quality of mature root (about 2 g). If you expect a long and difficult day, overcoming the morning hangover , or you one slice is not enough, you can increase the dose accordingly.


Ginseng is best cooked directly in water (10 minutes or longer). Another option is to infuse ginseng at 100 ° C in a flask (20 minutes or more). With conventional čajovinami ginseng can seamlessly combine his taste, but stand out separately, with the addition of goji and cicimku.

Ginseng drink can also be prepared by diluting finished strong brew of ginseng or ginseng tincture . To clean water or regular čajoviny our chosen simply add small amounts of ginseng brew and drink is finished. Another option is to prepare ginseng drink in the evening and in the morning it only warmed in the microwave.

Ginseng tea is good to drink in the morning. Utilizing thus the stimulation potential during the day. Evening drinking ginseng causes insomnia , as is sometimes mistakenly called ( Lee1990cip , Han2013erg ). We ourselves but we must ensure that we went to bed to sleep and do not abuse the invigorating effect of ginseng cutbacks required 8-hour sleep. Curtailment of sleep is unhealthy and contributes among others, as well as overweight.


Dried goji berries (goji foreign) ženšenovému tea, add a pleasant taste and aroma, plus it adds an important vitamins and goji specific proteoglycans.

Image preparation of Panax ginseng teaImage preparation of Panax ginseng teaImage preparation of Panax ginseng teaImage preparation of Panax ginseng tea


The situation is again the same as for all: Beware of fake, substandard products. Tea, which is sold in some stores as "ginseng", is here described the tea very little in common. If you want to ginseng due to its properties, must be real, not fanciful. If this condition is met, then the younger ginseng should be of appropriate quality to encourage and strengthen, as befits a powerful tonic TCM. Unfortunately potravinářsvtí general, this condition is not met - with some exceptions the name "ginseng" only ornamental word that does not guarantee amount.

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