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Theory of over-acidification

One of the ineffective pseudoscientific methods of alternative cancer treatment .

Prof. MUDr. Jiří Heřt, DrSc. is a prominent medical practitioner I have not heard so far vehemently against millions of pseudo-doctors and billions of panacea in a real health system, but when it comes to the fight against tiny charlatans and their theory of over-oxygenation, I would hardly surpass it in the choice of words: "Acid urine is the normal situation and the determination of the acidity of the urine of the paper and, in particular, the drawing of some conclusions about human health is nonsense, and therefore all the means of reducing the acidity of the organism are unnecessary. ( You can find the whole question and answer here. ) In other words, if you feel well, about urine acidity and overgrowth of the organism, you do not need to be interested. Claiming that cancer is caused by over-acidification is like someone saying that cancer is caused by influenza.

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